iWorking with waterslide decalsn/a    Sélection des lecteurs (2017-02-26)

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1Il y a 3 moisTiamat26Tiamat26
A lot of precision work. love that kind of work myself, great tutorial
= )

1Il y a 3 mois (Il y a 3 mois)BayuroBayuro
I'm not sure the purpose of Mr mark setter but I used only the Mr mark softer especially on rough or uneven surface like zimmeritt paste and window visors on tanks.
0Il y a 3 moismaggiemaggie
Didn't know about Mr. Softer, that's interesting! I'm in the USA and some Mr. Hobby products were banned last time I checked (the paint), but I can still order it. Great products.
3Il y a 3 moisclod_lilyyclod_lilyy
Thanks you for the tutorial :)