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Hey there!

Tokyo Otaku Mode is giving away THREE Racing Miku 2015 Ver. 1/8 Scale Figures to MFC members!

To enter, simply fill out your email address on this form!
Entries close on June 25, 2017, 11:59 pm (PDT).

Good luck (^o^)/

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26Il y a 5 jours (Il y a 5 jours)orochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
i love u TOM. i love TOM so much.
my mom thinks i finally got a boyfruiend and his name is Tom but we all know the truth
21Il y a 5 joursotakumodeotakumode
Hello! To clear up a few questions, the "cannot be shipped to your country" appears to be a display error, we apologize for the confusion! Please rest assured that we will be able to ship your prize to you if you win.

Regarding any potential custom fees, winners can contact TOM to be reimbursed in TOM Points with a valid receipt proof of customs.

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0Il y a 1 journeohybridkaineohybridkai
Awesome, good thing I already have TOM account
0Il y a 2 joursjtran117jtran117
0Il y a 2 jourssakakaweasakakawea
This looks awesome! Btw, is there a way to confirm if our entry was accepted?
1Il y a 2 joursSaurfangSaurfang
Gorgeous figure, good luck everyone!
0Il y a 2 joursTeaspoon24Teaspoon24
Yay! I really like this version of Racing Miku.
0Il y a 2 joursShojobitchShojobitch
I've only had $3 or $5 dollar spins and this is what I'd buy if I'd won a big one so keeping everything crossed!! Best of luck to everyone xxx
0Il y a 2 joursqmxangelqmxangel
Ahh !! This is so generous of TOM, and they're already amazing as is whenever you order from them. Good luck everyone!! :)
0Il y a 2 joursHaruNoSekaiHaruNoSekai
Thanks a lot for this giveaway ! good luck for all !
0Il y a 3 joursheketorheketor
I love this figure so much... Thank you TOM! and MFC!
0Il y a 3 joursKopycatKopycat
Jesussss!!! She looks gorgeous. Hope I win. Just entered right now :)

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