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Just posting this for more visibility as I think community articles are more visible than the forum threads. As discussed in this MFC thread, it seems that MHToyShop suddenly close their online shop site and also it seems that their Amazon/Ebay account changed name and/or owners. Another thread from reddit regarding it:

Personally, I only have one preorder from this shop with just a 20% downpayment (around $50) and also still have three months to open Paypal dispute in case the shop indeed closed so still observing for any developments for a few more days.

UPDATE 1 (2017/07/17 12:30 PDT)
Official announcement from MHToyShop regarding shop closure:

It pains us to say this. Today after 5 years of helping collectors obtain their favorite action figures, statues and collectible goods we will be shutting down MHToyShop. Our number one goal has always been to provide customers with a reputable place to shop for their favorite hobby. After many years of operating at a loss to facilitate customers and with growing competition, difficult vendors, inconsistencies with item releases, merchant account limitations, unpaid customer invoices and increased pricing we can no longer keep the doors open. Our team has worked countless overtime hours to keep things afloat but no matter what we did we could not stop the downward spiral. To make matters worst our website was down for less than 48 hours and customers began to issue chargeback claims at an alarming rate before giving us the ability to explain the outage.
With that said, we'd like to thank all of the thousands of customers that supported us over the years and we hope you find a new shop that facilitates all of your collecting needs like we have or better. If you have any unfulfilled orders with us we will begin issuing customers refunds accordingly with whatever resources we have. To contact us it will need to be through our support email and not any other channels. We no longer own our Ebay, Amazon and social accounts as those were sold to fulfill customers orders. If contacting our support email, please be aware that some emails may go unanswered if your questions have been answered here. We now have limited staff able to fulfill and answer hundreds of order request. Once again, we'd like to thank all of the customers that have supported us over the years and we hope you continue your collecting hobby!

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62Il y a 6 joursemosuccubusemosuccubus
they honestly have no right to blame this on the people who were issuing charge backs. there are so many ways they could have prevented that
why didnt they send out emails?? why did they shut down suddenly with no warning?? this feels kinda shady
52Il y a 6 jourswzztwzzt
All of you do realize that they're not being entirely truthful here and really were trying to run off with your money, right? The idea that people would swoop in, buy up all the social media accounts of a defunct store simultaneously, then promptly proceed to shut them all down without a peep of an announcement occurring at any point during this process is absolutely ludicrous.

These aren't the words of some innocent, unfortunate soul who was simply misunderstood by the harsh, uncaring world around them; they're the words of somebody who got caught trying to sneak a cookie out of the cookie jar and is making up excuses to justify themself. I wouldn't be shocked if this statement were just another delaying tactic.

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0Il y a 4 heurespianokidpianokid
Glad I checked MFC when I was wondering why MH Toy Shop hadn't updated me on a preorder that was recently released. Checked the of my preorders from them was from 172 days ago. Immediately filled out a PayPal claim. I'm not taking any chances.
0Il y a 2 joursanubis20anubis20
So Capital One has refunded me for the last invoice I got from MHTS through Freshbooks ^_^ Wish i had paid eveything directly with my CC. Refunds would've been painless. Now to wait until the 30th for the other 7 Paypal claims.
1Il y a 3 joursJasurimJasurim
See, I want to wait for them to get things in order and see if they'll refund me themselves BUT they've handled this all so poorly I'm not sure I can trust them. I mean, they never even sent out an email letting customers know what has happened to the company and still haven't. You have to find out through either here or by going to their site.

I'm giving them til the end of the month to contact me and give me a solid time-frame for my refund. If that doesn't happen by then, I'll have to go through Paypal and hope they can sort it out. :/
0Il y a 3 joursShigerugalShigerugal
Lina (Il y a 6 jours) #23604420I'm pretty sure my Kinokuniya has Daisuke last I checked a few days ago. I am not sure on the price so I'd have to go and take a look, but if you are located in the US I can pick him up and ship him to you.
As for the shop, I am so sad to hear this honestly. They were so kind to me and let me know when certain figures were available to pre-order when I asked if they were getting them like Angewomon and Birthday Maki since they were exclusives. I really liked them a lot.

Thank you for the offer but I already got him from them. He's sitting at my brother's house just waiting for me to pick him up lol

Yea. I understand why people rushed for chargebacks but I still feel bad for the people of the site that honestly tried their best to help/do their job. I don't want to point at everyone that worked there, just the one(s) that pulled this move on customers. :/
0Il y a 3 jours (Il y a 3 jours)adrikynadrikyn
We had a couple people come forward on the first day that they got refunds, but I haven't heard anything since. Hate to say it, but I think we're not actually getting refunds at all.

I'll be filing an IC3 to be on the safe side.
0Il y a 3 jours (Il y a 3 jours)carbonatecarbonate
w8 I asked my card about it, they put in dispute not the best way; but, Paypal bailed out
I am hoping MH refund/address themselves quickly, so I can cancel dispute.
Apparently when request retrieval, it cost them around 10 bucks.
I don't like getting muddled up with banks.
Apparently charge-backs cost a lot for them? like 20-30 and heavy penalty once booked.
Have anyone got response from support or them gone too?
I get the idea kind of hole they dug themselves a deep hole
and now are preparing to run from collections...?
Moneys got to come from somewhere.
0Il y a 3 jourshyperassasin95hyperassasin95
carbonate (Il y a 4 jours) #23662901yeah I emailed them on Monday and no reply.
Tomorrow, I will call Paypal first and if they don't want to take it up then I will go to my credit card.
Update: I contacted Paypal Canada and they didn't want to take it up, since 20% Sakura is almost a year old.
I went to my credit card to see if they could help me with it..

did you get your refund?
0Il y a 4 joursangelbottangelbott
anubis20 (Il y a 4 jours) #23675532Just filed all 8 of my claims... screw them! They billed me for the remaining balance for an order just last week on the 11th probably knowing they were planning on shutting down. Im out 18 bucks for a December preorder but im gonna try and recoup everything from February on.
Wait..they billing you for these not refund them to you?? D: Have screenshot of this [you can blank some out of personal..] if you don't mind.. So sorry.. D:
0Il y a 4 joursanubis20anubis20
Just filed all 8 of my claims... screw them! They billed me for the remaining balance for an order just last week on the 11th probably knowing they were planning on shutting down. Im out 18 bucks for a December preorder but im gonna try and recoup everything from February on.
0Il y a 4 jours (Il y a 4 jours)grail_huntergrail_hunter
Damn, I have a pre-order with two figures from them, paid the deposit of around $34 last December (so it's over 6 months already T_T), but I paid the remaining balance for one for the figures last March so there's still chance for that one at least, hopefully.
I contacted them on Tuesday and got a reply saying 'we'll be in contact as soon as possible'. No replies until now, I'll wait until tomorrow and contact PayPal. Man this sucks an all levels..

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