Ok so, after I got hit with the Nendoroid fever, I decided to buy a bunch of them that I really liked. Having no proxy at this moment, I decided to try Buyee.jp. I can say that they have a fast response by a multitude of employees (since the first message I have sent, I have had the following representatives replying back: Jenny, Sophia, Karen and some dude I forgot the name because I deleted the message) So if you are looking for a follow up in a personalized way, you can forget about it.

So, Buyee allows you to bid on the items you want, problem is that EVERY TIME you place a bit, Buyee will "pre authorize" that particular amount in your bank. That means, if you are a debit card holder, you might incur in to a bunch of charges that will eventually drop yet they can overdraft you as the money will be reserved for the Buyee charge and eventually drop, yet it will be taken from your account at that time so more important bills might not be able to be paid. Just a thing to keep in mind.

They charge a 10% of every auction ending balance plus a 200 yen for bank transfers. Now if the items are 5,000 or less, they do the base rate on you of 500 yen instead of the 10%.

The part that bothers me tho, is the international shipping fee estimator. DO NOT USE Buyee because of this or you will spend a shiet lot of money in shipping.

If you buy 10 things, like I did, you might want to consolidate your packages in to a big one, right? Well they charge you for that. 200 first package and 300 yen every additional package. Which means, by the time you end up consolidating, you paying around 2500 yen in the "consolidation fee".

Now here is my main issue: I got all the shipping charges per individual package, based on the cost of each pakcage for EMS stated on the "my packages" area, I looked them up here (ext link) to see what was the weight of each that rendered that amount of shipping costs. so far so good. BUT THEN I asked the people at Buyee to know how much would be if I consolidate.

Well here is the issue, I calculated that all my packages come to a total of 16,660 yen IF shipped INDIVIDUALLY.

Ok, so you would think that the consolidated price should be cheaper, as the weight and the cost of each package has a minimum that they charge (the post office) based on the EMS table.
Well what I did was to see how much I was beign charged for each package and then look up the weight on the EMS table.
After having all the weights accordingly with the prices, I calculated that it was a total of around 9,000 Grams which costs 12,900.
WRONG. These people after I asked them for a quote on the consolidation came with this answer:

This is Buyee customer support team Jenny.
When we consolidate all it will be under 20kg.
So I recommend you using consolidation service.

EMS shipping fee 25000
Consolidation fee 2300
※Unit price:JPY

WHAT THE ...... how in the world is 25k the consolidation price of all my Nendos... and just under 20g.... it does not makes sense. And the woman "recommends" me to use the consolidation service.. LOL what a joke! Why would I use it if I will be overpaying instead of getting all for 16k with my individual packages.

Now, I am not messaging her about it, I am just gonna go with my bunch of individual packages, rather than paying that absurd amount of money.
This is just a heads up to NOT use Buyee unless you want to be raped by shady and strange charges that don't add up at the end.

ALright to go deeper, lets start doing the math.

These are the individual shipping costs:

8 packages, my bad, not 10 as previously stated.

1,500 yen
1,500 yen
1,500 yen
1,860 yen
1,860 yen
2,400 yen
2,040 yen
4,000 yen

Now, lets look at this (ext link) the Japan post EMS rates and weight.

SO, based on that table, an item that EMS costs is 1,500, weights 500g max. so we have 3 of those.

1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,860 yen
1,860 yen
2,400 yen
2,040 yen
4,000 yen

Then, we got an item that cost 1,860, weights 700g (and all this is assuming that the items are at their max "up to" weight)

So we are left with this:

1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,860 yen ----- 700g
1,860 yen ----- 700g
2,400 yen -----
2,040 yen -----
4,000 yen -----

Then, the next step is the 2,400 and the 2,040 charges. Weights accordingly for them are 1,000g and 800g accordingly. Alright so we are left with this:

1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,860 yen ----- 700g
1,860 yen ----- 700g
2,400 yen ----- 1,000g
2,040 yen ----- 800g
4,000 yen -----

AND finally the biggest package, 4k pertains to a weight of Up to 2,000 g which according to the agent at Buyee, the weight was 1980g

That leaves us with:

1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,500 yen ----- 500g
1,860 yen ----- 700g
1,860 yen ----- 700g
2,400 yen ----- 1,000g
2,040 yen ----- 800g
4,000 yen ----- 1980g

Very sexy.
Time to weight in

The champion weight is : 6,680g. NOW this costs above are INCLUDING the packaging that has each figure box inside, so in all actuality, the figures in their original boxes weight less..

So obviously if removed from their shipping boxes and in to a big box, the actual weight of each should fluctuate to around 100g less lets say for each, but lets just not get that complicated.

NOW, that 6,680g translates to 10,700 yen which is the "up to 7,000g" shipping fee.

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0Il y a 21 jours (Il y a 21 jours)AndriyolAndriyol
My recent experience with BUYEE.JP TENSO japanese buying service is awful. What can I say about them is only they are fraud scammers. I received damaged items I bought on Yahoo auction using their service, they haven't provided any additional packaging besides seller's one, however I paid them for additional protective packaging. Also they damaged my item during consolidation, sent it to me in such condition. When I asked them for partial refund they claimed that I have not proved their fault.
So, I DO NOT RECOMMEND using their service to anyone!
0Il y a 6 mois (Il y a 6 mois)HashiMada4lifeHashiMada4life
I love buyee! But you have to understand if you're on the auctions they're basically being a proxy so they bid as much money as you're willing to bid on a thing. Then of course there is the proxy fee and package payment fee.

Normally when I use Buyee I go on a shopping spree, and since the warehouse can hold onto items for like 90 days I take advantage of it.

If I buy like five or six things, I make sure I mark what day each items gets in their warehouse and when they're all there I consolidate the entire package, I find the tool really useful and I understand that shipping can be a pain. But I also think you're also paying a fee for their services as well.

XD Hell I bought this one auction for about $289.00 in Japanese yen!! I made sure I waited a while til I had them ship it, *next paycheck* but I also paid another $48 for shipping which in my personal opinion since I buy in bundles, think that's not too bad.

My advice is just make sure you know how much money you got in the bank before hand!!
0Il y a 7 mois (Il y a 7 mois)YakuriYakuri
Thank you so much for this article, I just found out about Buyee (getting real desperate in Yahoo Auctions) but had a flash of common sense and googled them up first. I'm glad I did, I'm gonna stick with Goody Japan. Their fees aren't a joke (but then which service is cheap and good, I'd like to know) but at least so far I only had one problem with them a long time ago. I should look into others, if you have tried any other services, do you have any recs?

I use them mostly for doujinshi sites and Yahoo Auctions.

BTW I don't care if this article is a year old, a company that is sleazy like this from the beginning, I don't care if they've changed or not I rather not risk my money.
0Il y a 8 moisraychurraychur
I buy from Buyee a lot and I actually really like them. . I always use Tenso and because they are owned by the same company I really trust their service. I also one time accidentally didn't change my address on my account to my new one and they had to reship it and they gave me a discount for having to resend it. I always only pay like 2000 in shipping? But I mainly buy clothes from them. So I think in the end it is always worth it? :\ Maybe it's just me? So they have changed in the past year.
0Il y a 1 anSexy_PantherSexy_Panther
I recently purchased many Sex Machineguns, I must say I think the fee's were worth it because the shipping was lighting fast! The worst damage was on the original sellers part because he shrink-wrapped a signed paper backed with cardboard which bent the item a little, but it still turned out nice and authentic.
0Il y a 1 anLexiyLexiy The WCF Aficionado
pizhma69 (Il y a 1 an) #1782924Why don't you try a new buying service Sendico.com? Fixed fee for only 1000yen per purchase, fastest work process, fastest packaging/consolidation/sending! I fell in love with them, really.
thats a lot of money per purchase. most my items are less than 10k yen.
0Il y a 1 anpizhma69pizhma69
Why don't you try a new buying service Sendico.com? Fixed fee for only 1000yen per purchase, fastest work process, fastest packaging/consolidation/sending! I fell in love with them, really.
0Il y a 1 anbruceleebrucelee The legend Wannabe in T...
@Elixir, Any recommendation on proxies you've had good exp with?
0Il y a 1 anElixirElixir
Do not use Buyee.jp, they are fraud scammers. One of the most dodgy, shameful and utterly disgusting websites out there.

I filed a damage report locally, which upon completion, sent to Buyee. The damage report said in black and white, that the item had been damaged before leaving Japan, and Buyee is instructed to contact Japanese EMS.

Buyee replied. They won't contact Japanese EMS. They requested that I "amend" the closed damaged report to say that the item was damaged during transit, which is fraud. They still insist that the item was damaged during transit and was not damaged at their end, yet they have nothing to prove this with. I'm stuck trying to get a refund out of a company who isn't even listening to my side of the argument or OFFICIAL WRITTEN WORD TELLING THEM OTHERWISE.

Do not use Buyee. There isn't much more to say, other than I probably won't get my money back and, if you do use them, you'd better hope to fucking Christ that your item isn't damaged in any shape or form no arrival.
0Il y a 1 anCrimson_DragonCrimson_Dragon
lexicondevil (Il y a 1 an) #1621831i'm all for anyone using anything other than rinkya no doubt the absolute worst most expensive proxy service around.
I recently tried buyee as a test run and was pretty damn impressed with their service actually.
I used to use jauce.com but tired of having to deposit to an account to bid on stuff all the time whereas now I just can bid and if i win I win and am charged if I lose theres no charge.
Not sure where this preauthorised stuff comes from when you bid maybe they changed it?
I used paypal to start with and
if you can make a good estimate on your package weight jauce.com has a pretty good shipping calculator.The only times i get caught out is if i buy something and it turns out to be heavier than i thought but thats still a EMS thing not sneaking in any extra charges.
sneaking in charges is rinkyas bread & butter hahahha

Yeah, Rinkya has charges out the a$$! Just looking at their fees chart makes me laugh. I honestly only used heir site to browse yahoo japan lol.

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