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0Il y a 7 ansTyrkhaelTyrkhael
Now let's see an anime fact... "Chuck Norris is so pissed about japanese erotic stuff that he forced the japanese government to approve censorship upon the gonads, since them the mosaic came to exist."
0Il y a 7 ansTyrkhaelTyrkhael
Chuck Norris is so vengeful that Bruce Lee after faking to beat him just signed his own death passport.
0Il y a 8 ansJunoJuno
Ja ja ja, that was good mememo....
oh I know one, chuck norris is so cool, that only when he encounter sephiroth, he blush... XD

yay my first anime chuck norris fact too!!!
0Il y a 8 ansmememomememo Sale Hunter
jun planning did not go bankrupt Chuck Norris destroyed the entire company while trying to find out just what it was that they planning

My first Anime Chuck Norris Fact
0Il y a 8 ansJunoJuno
vamos Kiba debes hacerlo mas interesante!!!
nice chuck norris!!!
he's god!!!!

Anime Chuck Norris Facts


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