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0Il y a 2 ansFreezerBurnFreezerBurn
Owarimonogatari is out! \o/
0Il y a 2 ans (Il y a 2 ans)scabbotscabbot
Wow, Bakemonogatari stuff seems to be hot on AmiAmi right now -- seven figures all gone within 25 minutes.... -_-
0Il y a 2 ansarianehkarianehk
Yotsugi is open for PO on 17/03/15! item #286101
2Il y a 2 ansVioMarinerVioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
scabbot (Il y a 4 ans) #1804318Can’t wait for someone to do a Nadeko Medusa figure now!
It's HAPPENINGGG!!! item #287723 And by Good Smile too! I hope they base it on Cologero's great sculpt item #232672 . For now we do have Chibi Medusa Nadeko~ item #250394
0Il y a 2 ansarianehkarianehk
scabbot (Il y a 4 ans) #1804318Can’t wait for someone to do a Nadeko Medusa figure now!

it's coming!! after few years of waiting haha..
0Il y a 2 ans (Il y a 2 ans)sophieBsophieB
[ext link ]

Ninjari Bang bang x Monogatari Series) :D
1Il y a 2 ans (Il y a 2 ans)chobittsuchobittsu
It's new year's eve and I'm in my hotel room in Japan watching Tsukimonogatari on TV.
There is quite some fanservice during a bathroom scene between Araragi and Tsukihi (especially Tsukihi)...
0Il y a 3 ansFrysteFryste
hey guuuuuys, hana just ended, if i heard from my friend correctly,

maybe an old question but any odds for a black hanekawa nendoroid? haha
0Il y a 3 ansfermulfermul
Accelerator93 (Il y a 3 ans) #1942822i don't like new nadeko's personality, but i like the character design of nadeko medusa

yea same here, don't really like nadeko character, but i really like the nendoroid. it is so adorable.
2Il y a 3 ansFreezerBurnFreezerBurn

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