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I think i have two bootlegs but im really still not sure, maybe i just dont want it to be true >.<
I got a play arts squall for christmas, i think he is a bootleg for several reasons, his chin skin color is alot more pink than the rest of him, which makes the paint on his face look a little strange, there is some paint slop on the belt, and his necklace broke right out of the box plus it was off center even in the box. Other than that though, he looks just like the official pictures, if it werent for the strange face skin color he would look rather awesome. I also think my demon inuyasha is a bootleg, ive owned him for a while but just realized that he has an extra sword on his side that the official pictures dont show.....i would post pics of them but i dont know how to link pics to a post. Those would be my first bootlegs.

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