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For fans of Ryo and huke's Black Rock Shooter.
Join if you're a fan of Black Rock Shooter the song, the character, the upcoming anime or just the figures.

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0Il y a 20 jours (Il y a 20 jours)OliverOliver
I just finished my 1/8 Dead Master garage kit! I have more pictures on my profile if you're interested :P

(mfc link)[]=uploadedBy%3AOliver&context[]=albumId%3A32435
0Il y a 4 ansYummerlyYummerly
Erm, not to be rude (and if I am, I'm truly sorry) but I've had another BRS club going for over a year now that's a bit more active, I'm also looking for active mods to help add BRS images to the picture database if anyone is interested. (Preferably someone who is a true fan of the series).

club #614
0Il y a 4 anskentomusashikentomusashi
Love the figmas, got a few.
0Il y a 5 ansmeteorstormedmeteorstormed
Gotta be honest here. Love the designs, REALLY love them, and the general aesthetic is fantastic, but goooood lord I could not make it further than two episodes into the godawful anime series.

Definitely staying for the figure though.
0Il y a 5 ansd4m13n84d4m13n84
Hi newbie here, feel free to browse my gallery for BRS collection I snap~
0Il y a 5 ansPaymonDanapourPaymonDanapour
Alright who is excited for the insane black rock shooter nendroid!!! Gawd it looks so badass :P
0Il y a 5 anskeshiiruekeshiirue
I'm a newbie! Hello! Black Rock Shooter! What a bad ass! I love her! I am looking for a Nendoroid BRS, I just got my first Nendoroid Kirino Kousaka.Ooh my goodness they are absolutely cute as hell. <3 Anyway I love BRS. Series was pretty awesome after the whole middle school age shock at first.
0Il y a 5 ansfuwafuwafuwafuwa
itsame00 (Il y a 5 ans) #931191Ehhhh, she looks loli to me, so ya...(DEM BOOBS)

well she is in middle school haha. nothing but love for BRS from me!
0Il y a 5 ans (Il y a 5 ans)itsame00itsame00
Fred4rkWhy??? O.o
I love BRS and her variants. <3

Ehhhh, she looks loli to me, so ya...(DEM BOOBS)
0Il y a 5 ansFred4rkFred4rk
itsame00BRS sucks.... Only Black Gold Saw and Dead Master is good! (´・ω・`)
Why??? O.o
I love BRS and her variants. <3

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