One piece POP BB girlsOne piece POP BB girlsA club for fans of the POP bathing beauty's girls ^^


this club is for fans of the POP BB GIRLS of One Piece :)

post pictures of your figures and discuss anything about these great sexy figures.

Will try and keep up to date with new releases of the new BB girls

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0Il y a 17 joursRyokoHyperRyokoHyper
What everyone think of the new line up with nami nico and reiju
reiju I did not expect at all for some reason I thought they would just do the normal one for her. the nami one didn't expect either with the pole but it does look very very nice
1Il y a 1 moisax3r86ax3r86

Wonderful club !!! :-D
2Il y a 1 mois (Il y a 1 mois)RyokoHyperRyokoHyper
While you are all busy waiting for your Monkey D. Luffy GEAR 4th and looking for good Reiju preorders, let me break this by sharing some good pictures of Megahouse's cow new Boa Hancock figure. Ver.BB_SP will be released in December 2017.

The figure looks terrible, the broke all the proportions of One Piece's sexiest body, honestly, I don't like it at all.

One piece POP BB girls


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