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All the other girls have one already so here is the Mugi Fanclub


Tsumugi's Character song:


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0Il y a 4 ansRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
I've finally got all the K-ON! girls though but I do have a soft spot for Tsumugi!
0Il y a 5 ansWatchJessieGoWatchJessieGo Magical Girl
Can't wait to get my first Mugi figure in the mail!
0Il y a 6 ansT1F4N1T1F4N1
Tsumugi is so Cute. Luv it <3
1Il y a 6 ansWatchJessieGoWatchJessieGo Magical Girl
Love Mugi. <3 She's a really underrated character. Everybody always goes for Mio and Yui. .____."
1Il y a 6 ansxXNiji-ChanXxxXNiji-ChanXx
superchandammed Mio and Yui steal all the attention :p
AGREED. = u =b Especially Mio.
0Il y a 6 ansLovelyAthena112LovelyAthena112
Ditto ^^munnydunnyshe's my favorite character in K-ON!!
she's really beautiful & funny^^
0Il y a 6 ansmunnydunnymunnydunny
she's my favorite character in K-ON!!
she's really beautiful & funny^^
0Il y a 6 ansLovelyAthena112LovelyAthena112
Yui is my favorite in K-ON, but Tsumugi's Nendoroid, Figma, & Alter are so cute~~
0Il y a 7 ansILoveWammyILoveWammy
(mfc link) This isn't added to the club yet. Just thought I'd point that out.
0Il y a 7 anstaki1taki1
Without Mugi, it's just hokago.

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Tsumugi Kotobuki Club


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