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Hello! So I'm really confused about shipping and preorders.

From what I understand, if I spend $140 at your store, I get free shipping. However, all the items I wish to buy are preorders. When buying them, I only pay for the preorder fee so rather than total coming out to over $140 at checkout, the total comes out to be only about $40 due to only paying the preorder 20% deposit fee. So do I still get the free shipping in that case? And if I do buy it all, when I get the invoice, will I be paying the amount the figure is worth online or will I be paying a reduced price considering I already paid a 20% deposit? And, if the figures I'm preordering are shipped at different dates will shipping still be free if the total is over $140 since I ordered them all at once?

Thanks! sorry if this is super confusing. I'm super confused HAHAHA

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