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Well, I'm with the same nick on also, so nice to meeet everyone once again! (o3o)/

I'm a rather simple collector ^^;

I started out collecting MegaHouse's Portrait of Pirates at first and then that intention was changed with the awesomeness of Banpresto's Grand Line Men series announcement.

I collect the characters I like or interested in these days because most POPs turned out to be impossible to get for me unless I'm willing to pay x times it's worth on online stores - which I thought I'd rather wait for a re-release if it's a character I'm not very into :P

I ADORE the mini OP figures but knowing myself, if I start going after them I (or rather; my wallet) will never see the end of it so I'm really doing my best to hold myself back~~~ ><

One Piece is getting SO MANY merchandise x)

Once again; nice to meet everyone~

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