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Hi, I'm Tabasco Boshi and I have the same name in the Arlong Park Forums. Probably you have seen me in the forums asking stupid questions (I'm relatively new in collecting figures, I started in July).

My favorite manga/anime is One Piece and when I saw the Sogeking P.O.P I decided to start collecting One Piece merchandise. I couldn't get the Sogeking P.O.P but I saw the Strong Edition P.O.Ps and I decided to get them. Fortunately I had a lot of money saved and now I have all the crew as you've probably have seen. Then I saw the WCFs and I'm planning to get all the Straw Hat pirates in their first appearance and some others that I like. I'll get the P.O.Ps I like the most too.

My favorite characters are Usopp, Buggy and Jango, and also I'm from Spain, so sorry for my bad English.

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