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bowe (Il y a 12 jours) #29279657wewe (Il y a 12 jours) #29278167TOM's doing a thing where you get free TOM points (<=$1) per day by visiting the site, with a % coupon awarded to the account at intervals. Doesn't have to be consecutive days, popup will display the count.

Day5: 3% coupon (expires 3 days after receiving).
DayX: 5% coupon.

Do you have to log in or is visiting the site enough? I've been doing this since I received the email, but since I don't receive any sort of popup, I've no idea where I'm at at the moment. I did receive the 3% coupon yesterday and 20c (lol) TOM today though.

You have to visit the site while logged in. After the 6 days so far I've received $2.00 TOM points so far, hopefully the last few days are worth getting something for.

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