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OphexisMmm hello people, I hope I'm doing this propertly. xD

I live around the city in Montréal in Canada, is there a store that sells legit anime figures or figmas and anime goods? I know theres the Chinatown but I have big doubts about them being mostly bootlegs. Especially since I've read that alot of tables at Otakuthon (local con) were from chinatown shops and most of them had bootlegs.

Thanks in advance!

This is a bit of a late response but I'll try to help you out. Everything in Chinatown is bootleg so cross that off your list right away. One store that sells quite a nice selection of legit figures is Scifi Anime, which is located around Atwater metro. They have a site you can check out. You can check out Captain Quebec also, though they don't always stock Japanese figures, they occasionally do and they have a nice selection of NA figs. I know lots of stores that specialize in North American figures too if you're interested. That's really about it :/ Also, since you brought up Otakuthon, I should warn you their is going to be a LOT of bootlegs in the dealer's room. Happy hunting!

PS- Since you seem to like Madoka, come drop by the Madoka panel my friends and I are hosting at Otakuthon ^^
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Il y a 6 ans
CSpazAnyone knows some good "otaku related" stores in London? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There's TokyoToys in Piccadilly Circus. They have a nice collection of figurines among other merchandise.

There's also Forbidden Planet, as R_Kasahara suggested but they mainly stock comic book and sci-fi related stuff.

You could try Orbital Comics & Manga. They stock a mixture of comic book and manga related goods. It's mainly books but on occasion they have a fair few figurines, gashapons, trading figures and plushies. It's a small shop tucked away next to Leicester Square tube station but worth checking out if you're in the area.

There's the Japan Centre down Regent Street. It's been a while since I've been in there but the last time I was they had a few anime artbooks and some little Totoro figurines.

Erm... that's all I can think of for now. I'll update if I find anymore. Otaku shops are so hard to come by T_T
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Il y a 10 mois
Hey, got a new rec request! My husband and I will be heading to Hawaii for a vacation later this year (probably in the fall) and we'd like to know of any anime-related, game, comic, and/or other otaku-friendly stores that may be of interest. Right now, we're thinking of staying in the Honolulu area for one leg of the trip and somewhere on the Big Island for the other (not sure where on that island yet). We already know about Book-Off, but if there's any other stores that people recommend, please fill me in!
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