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Sonsaku, Ryomou, Kanu are just a few of the characters that leading manufacturers have turned into resin or pvc for our pleasure. Most collectors have the odd ikki tousen figure so join this group if they are amongst your faves. Who is your Favourite???

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0Il y a 3 ansMaakieMaakie
Another review that is interesting for this club! (mfc link) :3
0Il y a 4 ansMaakieMaakie
I just finished a review of Sonsaku's Black China Dress figure in case Ikki Tousen fans are interested: (mfc link) :)
0Il y a 4 ansRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
Just got the Kanu wet version figure. She's beautiful! :D
0Il y a 5 ansphuongdophuongdo
Hi, I got some pics of Kan'u, how can I have them linked to this club?
(mfc link)
0Il y a 5 ansBlueDolphiNBlueDolphiN
Why don't figma come out with Ryofu?
0Il y a 6 ans (Il y a 6 ans)Rejean235Rejean235 Give her a weapon
Hi, I just joined the club. Anyone know if a figure of Mouyu (Xtreme Xecutor) is planned to come out? The only company to produce one was Taki; I already have one of their figure and it is more than enough...

Here is my Ikki Tousen display:

Closer shot of each shelf: (mfc link) (mfc link) (mfc link)
0Il y a 6 ans (Il y a 6 ans)oblivionbladeroblivionblader
I just got the Alter Kanu figure, but I may be stupid, but how do I get the protective plastic from out of under her shirt?
It's not removable and I don't want to rip at it and leave plastic frays behind. How has everyone else that has the figure get it off?
[url=] (mfc link)
0Il y a 7 ansXianXian
Hmmmm... do you think that alter will release sonsaku and ryofu... i hope so coz i miss a well done ryofu housen and also a sonsaku...however sonsaku haregi was quite well done =)
0Il y a 7 ansJackyanimalJackyanimal
XillI would like to see a Ten'i PVC figure from Ikkitousen XX

I agree ^^
0Il y a 7 ansXillXill
I would like to see a Ten'i PVC figure from Ikkitousen XX

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