Street Fighter Fan ClubStreet Fighter Fan ClubFor all Street Fighter fans: figures, videogames, anime or anyth

For all Street Fighter fans figure collectors, videogames, anime or anything related feel free to join and make any suggestions to make this club better!

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0Il y a 4 ansIdaiIdai
I favorite character is Chun li
0Il y a 5 ansMeganesenpaiMeganesenpai
0Il y a 5 ansGuileGuile
Good choice of fave characters, Newyorker, Guile is a bad ass, he told everyone to go home and be a family man, while he's having an affair with chun li on the side, not following his own advice.
0Il y a 6 ansNewYorker1992NewYorker1992
I always liked this game but i never was good at it. I'm a big fan of Chun-Li and Guile.
0Il y a 6 ansAOS-AOS-
Sakura, Ibuki.
0Il y a 6 anstysonuptysonup
SSF4, Cammy, chun-li, Crimson viper FTW!!
0Il y a 6 ansDannDann
Nice shots ranzpaithan and thanks for the info limitbreaker :)
0Il y a 6 anslimitbreakerlimitbreaker
Looks like Capcom will be releasing the free Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver.2012 re-balance patch on December 13, 2011!

[ext link ]
0Il y a 6 ansranzpaihanranzpaihan
Hi Guys,Just POsted my Crimson viper Figure :-)
0Il y a 6 ansDannDann
limitbreakerDidn't realize there was a street fighter club here, but glad there is! :) Still playing SSFIV Arcade Edition, SSFII Turbo, Third Strike and the Alpha games. Still reppin' Chun Li all along!

Welcome to the Street Fighter Fan Club :)

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