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One of the most strange outfits is the rabbit costume. Who really likes women with rabbit ears and a stump bunny tail? Nevertheless, a push-up tight dress with fishnet pantyhose is what catches the eye, too.

Let's cherish them in our farm.

The avatar mascot of this club is Asahina Mikuru item #6830.

They breed like bunnies:

All bunny girl-related items (be they figures, goods, or media), pictures, and entries are accepted in the club! If an item or a picture is missing in the Related Items / Pictures / Entries list, please do not hesitate suggesting it!

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0Il y a 17 jours (Il y a 17 jours)EccmyEccmy
FREEing is currently doing a Saekano bunny girl festival!
Not only is Eriri item #396928 open for preorders, Utaha item #396927 is getting rereleased, and orders are reopened for Megumi item #396927 from today November 24th till December 21st as well [ext link ] !!
Don't miss this chance to complete your set if you failed to get the first two back then!
0Il y a 1 moisEccmyEccmy
So, slightly old news is old, but FREEing is getting into making 1/4 scale bunny boys!
They've announced item #638637 and item #638638 from the manga 10 Count.

Original idea indeed. Personally I'm not interested in them in the slightest, but that's definitely nice for collectors who want male eye candy too!
0Il y a 1 mois (Il y a 1 mois)EccmyEccmy
In GSC's weekly release date update [ext link ] , three bunny girls from their affiliated manufacturers finally have a release date set!

- FREEing's Ilfriede and Yui from Muv-Luv item #549539 and item #549543 will be shipped out on October 23th;
- Aquamarine's Tenshi from Angel Beats item #464743 will be shipped out on October 25th.

Thank god I already fully paid in advance for Ilfriede and Yui months ago at a European shop, or they would have destroyed my budget for being released at the same time! Downside is that I'll likely won't get them before January, but I much prefer that solution over the alternative.
3Il y a 2 moisragoo37ragoo37
Since we're all about bunnygirls here, I guess we need to say a heartfelt rest in peace to Hugh Hefner :(
0Il y a 3 moisjintzjintz
I just saw all the bunny girls announced by BINDing (e.g. Non Virgin Bunny Girl OC by Oda Non) at WonFestival. Any idea what size they will be?
0Il y a 3 moisEccmyEccmy
The ability to add blogs and pictures to the clubs has been restored at last!
As such, I've added a couple blogs to the Related Articles list I wanted to put in, included yours, solluxcaptor . Thank you very much for your patience!
0Il y a 3 moisEccmyEccmy
Preorders for FREEING Kay from Girls und Panzer item #549527 are open.
She's scheduled for release in February 2018.
0Il y a 3 moisEccmyEccmy
take123 (Il y a 4 mois) #24628043That FREEing WONFES announcement list is going to make me broke :(
Heh, I can see why :p
Though in my case, only a select few interest me. Good thing, because going "gotta catch 'em all" mode is just plain impossible financially-wise as far as I'm concerned... And there are also a few already released ones I've missed, that I'd like to get in the future, too.
0Il y a 4 mois (Il y a 4 mois)take123take123
That FREEing WONFES announcement list is going to make me broke :(
0Il y a 4 moisEccmyEccmy
solluxcaptor (Il y a 4 mois) #24506653Can someone add my article (mfc link) into the related articles please? I tried to add it myself but for some reason I couldn't seem to, I'm not sure if the group search function for related clubs is working or not.

I'd love to, and planned to add your article to the club, but I too am unable to, despite being both a VIB and club admin... Something's wrong with the ability to link articles since the blogs have been switched to v4 mode. I've left a post on the MFC club's Help thread, we'll have to wait for Kuma's answer. If we get the ability to link back, rest assured I'll add your article to the club!

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