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There's a bug with the new alerts page, when you switch to alerts unsolved to solved and change the page number below : 1,2,3, etc. and go back to unsolved it will stay on the page you select before (we can see that on the link in the browser), and when the unsolved alerts don't have that many pages it will show nothing.

I suppose this bug is here for a long time but I don't really use the new alert page so I didn't see it before.
But since the old page will be gone one day (I suppose) you should definitely reconsider the alerts page, you went to display 60 alerts/page to 10, you have to click and click and click to see everyting, yes we have a little text now to kinda possible know what this is about but none the less you still have to click on each one to know what it is about, and I'm not even a mod/adm so I don't manage the alerts I just checked some from time to time.

Also I think the color of the text for the solved alerts should be changed and not stay in red, kinda confusing when you switch from unsolved to solved, it seems they are still active.
And it would be nice to have also the page selection at the top of the page and not only in the bottom, this was also requested for lists to have the page selection at the bottom of them too for the moment only at the top we can select the page.

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