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The default when you go to a page (character, event, origin) and press one of the categories (good, media, figures) is set to ENTRY (OR) in the search. This means that expanding the query using any of the other ENTRY specifications in the dropdown will give wrong or lacking results.

It should be set to ENTRY (AND).

ENTRY (AND) as a base ensures that if I make my query bigger, I get the results I need. For example, Character X ENTRY (AND) + Keyholder ENTRY (OR) + Badge ENTRY (OR) will give you all the characters Badges and Keyholders (Character X AND (OR Badges OR Keyholders)) as the logic statement.

With your current defaulting in the search, if I don't replace Character X ENTRY (OR) with Character X ENTRY (AND), all I can do is Character X ENTRY (OR) + Keyholder ENTRY (AND) (to force Character + Keyholder) and I cannot expand further without getting bad data.

I don't want to get too technical on here, but if you could do the simple change above to default to ENTRY (AND) as a base instead of ENTRY (OR), I am sure your search function won't be deemed as useless as it is currently by regular users.
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