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ffenris (Il y a 15 jours) #29323768internecinewar (Il y a 15 jours) #29317984The default when you go to a page (character, event, origin) and press one of the categories (good, media, figures) is set to ENTRY (OR) in the search. This means that expanding the query using any of the other ENTRY specifications in the dropdown will give wrong or lacking results.

It should be set to ENTRY (AND).

ENTRY (AND) as a base ensures that if I make my query bigger, I get the results I need. For example, Character X ENTRY (AND) + Keyholder ENTRY (OR) + Badge ENTRY (OR) will give you all the characters Badges and Keyholders (Character X AND (OR Badges OR Keyholders)) as the logic statement.

With your current defaulting in the search, if I don't replace Character X ENTRY (OR) with Character X ENTRY (AND), all I can do is Character X ENTRY (OR) + Keyholder ENTRY (AND) (to force Character + Keyholder) and I cannot expand further without getting bad data.

I don't want to get too technical on here, but if you could do the simple change above to default to ENTRY (AND) as a base instead of ENTRY (OR), I am sure your search function won't be deemed as useless as it is currently by regular users.

I don't think it would make too much of a difference. We get one set of OR-s, so a default of OR helps if we want to expand the starting point of our search, whereas a default of AND helps if we want to expand other portions of the search. In the above scenario, if I wanted (chara X OR chara Y) AND Badge, then the Entry OR helps and Entry AND doesn't. So optimising one use case will affect the other, there doesn't seem an obvious preference one way or another.

Since OR is a new v4 feature (we had only ANDs in v3), I'm not sure this is what is ticking people off. For me, the bigger problem affecting search currently is the inability to work in non-strict mode for entries, ie we can't put in Black Lagoon as Entry (AND) in non-strict mode and automatically get Second Barrage and Roberta's Blood Trail included -- they have to all be manually added in.

On another note, I see that JAN search for entries with multiple JANs now works from the quick search bar as well, thanks! It was a while coming, searching for Cospa T-shirts just got a lot easier :P

Also, I see that a work-around has been implemented for this one (mfc link) -- so now, exact matches are bubbled up to the top over the most popular, nice. kuma, dude, when you fix stuff, do post a note on the bug report thread, it certainly beats this Easter egg hunt!

I was speaking about the default when navigating from the pages mentioned above. If you're already on that page (say, an origin or a character) and you click, for example, the goods tab, isn't the more common scenario the desire to further filter what you're already looking at? I know collectors (majority of the female collectors I've met) who only collect certain types of goods of certain characters. Intuitively, they'd go to the page of the character then try to narrow down the search to the type/s of items they're interested in collecting. I have not run across a scenario wherein they start on one character's page and suddenly want to add in several more characters as in your example. I don't doubt that your example happens, but it doesn't seem like a common use case at all.

What I described is also the most common scenario for me every time I check before adding goods (due to multiple adaptations in the origins, I find the most reliable way to check if something is in the DB is to check the character -> goods -> further narrow down as needed).

The search is simply not user-friendly. Perhaps I should've put the above in the suggestions thread instead in a bid to combat extremely unintuitive web design.

But anyway, I do suppose it doesn't matter in the end. Most users who can't intuitively use the website just won't bother with it anymore. I already know what to do to get it to work for me though it does involve much more tedious clicking and typing than I think should be necessary. C'est la vie.

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