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internecinewar (Il y a 11 jours) #29328596
I was speaking about the default when navigating from the pages mentioned above. If you're already on that page (say, an origin or a character) and you click, for example, the goods tab, isn't the more common scenario the desire to further filter what you're already looking at? I know collectors (majority of the female collectors I've met) who only collect certain types of goods of certain characters. Intuitively, they'd go to the page of the character then try to narrow down the search to the type/s of items they're interested in collecting. I have not run across a scenario wherein they start on one character's page and suddenly want to add in several more characters as in your example. I don't doubt that your example happens, but it doesn't seem like a common use case at all.

What I described is also the most common scenario for me every time I check before adding goods (due to multiple adaptations in the origins, I find the most reliable way to check if something is in the DB is to check the character -> goods -> further narrow down as needed).

I guess my point is that the common scenario for some users is not necessarily the common one for all? I don't focus on one character per se, and I'm not alone in that. I'm a somewhat-OCD completionist, and typically end up adding sets/batches of entries (for eg, as and when Cospa puts out a bunch of full graphic T-shirts, I add 'em all), so for me, keeping the type of item (Full Graphic T-shirt, say) constant and expanding the characters, is quite common.

Being able to change the default via our user preferences would solve this quite nicely.

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