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ffenris (Il y a 11 jours) #29330319I guess my point is that the common scenario for some users is not necessarily the common one for all? I don't focus on one character per se, and I'm not alone in that. I'm a somewhat-OCD completionist, and typically end up adding sets/batches of entries (for eg, as and when Cospa puts out a bunch of full graphic T-shirts, I add 'em all), so for me, keeping the type of item (Full Graphic T-shirt, say) constant and expanding the characters, is quite common.

Being able to change the default via our user preferences would solve this quite nicely.

I don't think we are understanding each other. I am speaking in terms of UX best practices which aims to be as intuitive for a regular user as possible. A search typically uses filters which narrows down what the user is seeing right now on the page. You may check other websites with a search function and you will notice that they provide filters after you enter in your generic search term.

Generics down to specifics, so to speak. You are advocating for Specific + Specific before tacking on Generic at the very end to get accurate results. That's simply not a use case searches typically prioritize.

This is why, if you are navigating from a page listing all a character's goods ((mfc link) and then click "Goods"), intuitive design is to let people filter what they are seeing right now, not keep adding to it. You're on that character's goods page because you want everything of that character. From there, you are supposed to be able to filter properly without having to remove the default ENTRY (OR) and replace it with ENTRY (AND) manually.

In your scenario, I invite you to start on Full Graphic T-Shirt ((mfc link) and then click "Goods") since that is the common -- or the most generic trait -- that all your searches will share. Now try adding in "COSPA" and multiple characters without changing the default Full Graphic T-Shirt ENTRY (OR). Notice that no matter what you do, the more characters you add, the more your results come out wrong.

Yes, you could've started on listing all the characters you want instead and just add Full Graphic T-Shirt on at the very end, but as I have mentioned, that is not how people typically use search functions anywhere (even AmiAmi doesn't work that way -- if you are on a Character Page, check the "category" filters you can add in the side bar. On Amazon, try navigating from an Author page and see the options it gives to filter your results). Even in v3 of MFC as you've mentioned, our default was AND (because there was no OR). Why then are we defaulting to OR now? Just to add an additional learning curve for end-users?

I apologize if I seem very insistent on this. I work as a software architect and for a long time now the industry keeps trying to make things "idiot-proof"/easy to use/intuitive for end-users. It is very jarring to come onto MFC and see it doing the exact opposite to its own detriment. Majority of the complaints of V4 I've seen are UX related. It clearly doesn't work the way regular users expect it to work. Yes, you can learn it or even prefer it this way, but it's not supposed to be about you -- or me -- it's supposed to be about following the general standard / best practice the rest of the computing world uses. That way the website isn't so hard to use / learn for end-users.

At any rate, further discussion seems pointless as neither of us have the power to implement any of the changes discussed. I'll be dropping the matter promptly. Thanks for discussing this with me (honestly didn't expect anyone to reply)! :)

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