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internecinewar (Il y a 13 jours) #29371707Generics down to specifics, so to speak. You are advocating for Specific + Specific before tacking on Generic at the very end to get accurate results. That's simply not a use case searches typically prioritize.


Yes, you could've started on listing all the characters you want instead and just add Full Graphic T-Shirt on at the very end, but as I have mentioned, that is not how people typically use search functions anywhere (even AmiAmi doesn't work that way -- if you are on a Character Page, check the "category" filters you can add in the side bar. On Amazon, try navigating from an Author page and see the options it gives to filter your results). Even in v3 of MFC as you've mentioned, our default was AND (because there was no OR). Why then are we defaulting to OR now? Just to add an additional learning curve for end-users?

Good points made. I get what you are saying now. Since I know the system, I game it to get the results I want, but that, as you point out, is not the intuitive way. Agree that Entry (AND) makes for a better default.

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