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AshuriiKareshi (Il y a 8 jours) #29453580On the notification page you can't see what the notification is.

It'll tell you there's something (like a picture or new item) but doesn't show you what. When you click it it takes you to the page you're subscribed to and not the new entry. So for pictures it takes you too the entry page and you have to find the pictures your self.

It's the same for comments, it doesn't tell you what the comment is anymore and takes you to the page where the comment is but you still have to find it yourself. This is hell of a lot more hassle.

I don't know if it's like this for everyone or if my browser is out of date or what. But it's super annoying and useless (to get a notification but you have to find the thing yourself) that I'll probably just unsubscribe from everything.

Sounds like the preview got turned off accidentally? Just below the "Notification" header, there is a slider marked "Preview". Check and make sure it is in the green "on" state.

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