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Gigan22So I have two questions. First, what happens when a figure has no official information about it? Three times I've alerted things because information was wrong, told the correct information, and two times nothing was done(one saying source needed and the other completely ignored). The third time it was changed with no question. Can I just give any old website(wiki, review)? If so, do you verify the site is correct or do you just assume?
When information is alerted as being incorrect, we need a source to verify which information (the existing or the new one) is correct. It's not that we doubt all of our users, but rather we have 2 different lots of information and we need to confirm which one is correct. We aren't as strict when information is alerted as being missing because you aren't really saying that what we currently have is wrong, just that the information hasn't been added. If that makes sense? Basically there's a difference between saying "that person got the details wrong" and "here are some extra details that you haven't added". If you say something in particular is wrong, then you need to back up your claim. Either way though, providing the source of your information is always a good habit because often people will ask you where you got the details from. :)

Gigan22The same can be asked about added entries. You don't have to list a source to add something, so do you just assume the person knows what they're talking about? Clearly that must be the case because when I try to alert bad information I'm then asked to verify it. I think one wouldn't try to purposely sabotage a figure's information, though maybe I'm just naive in thinking so. Yet it seems kinda like a punch in the face to those who try to better the information by not assuming they know what they're talking about but assuming the entry adder does.
Basically, we take what is already existing in the database as being correct for argument's sake. New changes will then require some kind of verification. If the new changes prove to be the correct ones, then the old information will be updated. And the process repeats.

Gigan22I have a ton of stuff I could add to the database yet there's no official information nor many websites that even give information about the figures. So if I add them(a few of which I already have) than it's going to be assumed that all of the information given is correct?
Add your entries as Draft. We have heaps of active users who will help update the entry with the correct information as it comes to hand. It's not always assumed that the details in Draft entries are 100% correct - they're Draft for this reason and the entries will continuously be edited until they are as up to date as possible and the Draft status will be removed.

Gigan22Secondly, in the same vein, what happens when a figure has no promo photo? I know you can enter them as drafts with a photo taken of the figure, yet it's going to stay as a draft forever? Obviously you can't just rip photos from people, or shouldn't anyway, so how do you guys determine if it's somebody's photo that shouldn't be used? Or do you guys also assume the said non-promo photo is of public use(presuming it has no watermark/signature)?
Usually there will be some photo of the figure available, whether it be artwork of the proposed figure, non-colored prototypes etc etc. Eventually, once the figure is released, there should be promo photos, meaning the entry won't stay as Draft forever (and even if it does for a long time that's okay). If photos are taken from other people, a note should be left in the Further information field giving credit/providing the source where possible. If a Tsuki-Boarder owns the figure, they can feel free to upload their own (good quality) photo as the main shot if there are no official ones available.

Hope that helps? ^^
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