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Ok, so I started adding CDs to the DB yesterday, and I ran into some questions. Prepare for long post.

1. Who's the artist for a CD? It's easy for OP/ED singles, I guess - the singer. For soundtracks I tried to put the composer (still have to find out the correct reading for some). But then there are CDs with lots of different songs, some with vocals and some instrumental, and lots of people who composed/arranged/sang/wrote lyrics (Ashita no Nadja, song arround the world). What do I do here? Where do I stop? I don't want to end up with a list of 20 people...
[Edit: Just found out you can list artist types now. That helps, of course, but the list of 20 people still bothers me...]

2. I usually make the whole cd cover the thumbnail for the entry, it kinda made sense to me because cds are squares anyway. For the rest of the db, some do the same, some don't. So is what I'm doing ok, or even intended? Any guidelines?

3. Versions. I've seen some entries with Opening (or Ending) Theme in the version - should we use some "standard" versions for other types of the cds too? OST, Image Song, etc?

4. Trying to find out how far "anime related" goes....
a) Drama CDs are ok, I guess?
b) What about soundtracks for live action movies based on anime/manga? I have some NANA cds lying around here...^^

5. What's the manufacturer of a cd?
I know this sounds like a stupid questions, so let me explain. Now, I'm usually pretty good at finding out stuff about cds. Titles, pictures, tracklists, names of people involved, releases dates, cat problem. I thought finding the manufacturer would be as easy as picking up the cd and looking for a big company logo. Turns out, it's not. Let me quote a small conversation from yesterday.
jiejieHi, I noticed you changed the manufacturer for the Spice & Wolf soundtrack I added to the DB. What's wrong with Flying Dog? On the CD itself it says "Manufactured by Flying Dog, a division of JVC Entertainment Company LTD., distributed by Victor Entertainment Inc., Japan".
Or is there any particular reason you prefer the distributor for CDs?

kumasanmkjiejieOr is there any particular reason you prefer the distributor for CDs?I prefer the label.

(Note, I own the cd(s) in question and they have "flying dog" all over them, while you have to look in the fine print to find Victor Entertainment. That's why I started doubting my "find big logo" strategy.)

So I started doing some online research. I didn't really find a usable definition of "label", so I looked more into the concrete case of the Spice&Wolf cds. I found out that more or less every online store actually lists the label as Victor Entertainment - and then Victor's official website goes and lists the label as flying dog. ¬_¬

Just to confuse matters further, I actually have another cd by Victor that actually has the Victor logo and no flying dog in sight.

Basically, what I found out yesterday is, there are lots of names with confusing relationships - Victor and their sublabels, Sony Records/Sony Music Records/Sony Music Entertainment/Sony Music Associated Records (where I have no idea what's just a renaming and what's a different label...the last one has completely different cat ids at least), and many more....

Short version: I'm confused. Does anyone know enough about the record industry to come up with some guidelines?

....and before I forget, let me just mention that I love the new section. I really like soundtracks and being able to list them on the same website as my other anime stuff is great. While trying to add my collection to the DB yesterday, I found some cds I didn't even remember I had! Yay!! :-D
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