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1. Put the main ones (and/or the one you prefer). If someone thinks his/her favorite was forgotten, he/she will alert. The aim is not to create a extra-complete cd database, there are a lot of websites that already do that very well, but to be able to list and manage your collection.

2. I think the whole cover is better to help identify the CD.

3. I did this. I think it could be quite useful to find in one click more OPs and EDs. Image/Insert Song could be a version too. OST is generally in the title.

4. Drama CDs are okay. Live action movies are not okay. There is enough to do with anime stuff.

5. I want the "Label" in the manufacturer field. We don't care who built the plastic box, do we?
In the case you evoke, both CD Japan and Amazon list Victor as "Label". Furthermore, catalog id can help to find the "Label", in this case, catalog ID starts with "VT" means Victor.
Please note, that JVC=Victor. For the multi-brand Sony Something, Sony Something Else, let's take the main Brand, Sony. Bandai Entertainment, Bandai. etc.

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