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3. I did this. I think it could be quite useful to find in one click more OPs and EDs. Image/Insert Song could be a version too. OST is generally in the title.

Ok, will keep that in mind when I start adding singles (I'm starting with my own collection/wishlist and that consists mostly of albums). What about album cds with just songs and no instrumentals? Or rearranged versions of the soundtrack? Image Album or something? Or just leave it blank? Btw, OST is usually in the title in some form (OST, Soundtrack, Original Soundtrack.....), but not clickable, so maybe it would make sense as a version too. Dunno.

4. Drama CDs are okay. Live action movies are not okay. There is enough to do with anime stuff.

I understand. I just wondered because there are some anime-related live action movies/series out there. So this should go, too?

We don't care who built the plastic box, do we?

I don't think we'd find out even if we wanted to know that..... ^_^;;

kumasanmkFurthermore, catalog id can help to find the "Label", in this case, catalog ID starts with "VT" means Victor.
It can help a bit, yes. Same letters in id = same label. But apparently the assumption "different letters in id = different label" doesn't work - Victor Entertainment/Flying Dog sublabel uses VTCL, whereas Victor Entertainment/Victor sublabel uses VICL. Most Sony stuff uses SRCL, Sony Associated uses AICL.
Confusing stuff. But I'll do my best to get it right!

(Btw, Sony stuff is listed as "Sony Music Entertainment" right now. Should that be shortened to just Sony? And what about Aniplex - they are related to Sony in some way afaik.....)
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