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Moribundead (Il y a 13 jours) #29258390Hi, I have two little questions regarding doujin goods.

I know I need a proof of online sale within Japan for them, does count?

For other items, I only found them on otakurepublic and/or suruga-ya. Is that enough? :/
I didn't find them on toranoana, do you know where else I could look?

Booth - yes!
Suru/Ota - no!

Online sale means it was sold from an "official" doujin retailer (Toranoana, Melonboooks, Alicebooks,, and some lesser known ones like Comic ZIN, etc) or from the circle's own website. So those are a bunch of places to look.
Any aftermarket/resale shops like Suru, Mandarake, Otakurepublic don't count.

Does the circle have a website/pixiv or social media account? They usually promo their own sales links there. :)
- not that I was obsessed with it, I just needed to get it -

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