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Moribundead (Il y a 12 jours) #29278586Kaneel (Il y a 12 jours) #29273349Moribundead (Il y a 13 jours) #29265196Another question:

I want to add this to the database.

What do I add as the manufacturer in this case? "Comic Gene", Kadokawa, ...? :/

And where do I find release dates of items on ._.

Manufacturer Media Factory, since comic gene is a magazine handled by them.
Release date is mentioned at the bottom as well as the order period.
Order preiod was between the 28th december 2016 to the 31st january 2017.
Delivery planned for february 2017.

Ok, thank you very much for your help! :)

Just to be sure, items in this specific booth are official and not doujin items, right?
If they are official, I don't have to provide the sale link, do I?

They aren't doujin items but i would include the link nevertheless, makes it easier to see for people where it was offered and if they might like other stuff there.
I always consider info in the database to make it as easy as possible for other people to find the items.

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