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Question in regards to the further information field, I thought I saw it suggested elsewhere that this could be used to point out that there was a legit US release of the item (was mainly in reagrds to cetain artbooks). I am mainly asking in regards to CDs as the US releases are identical in content other than sometimes having a slightly different cover art, they were also released by an different company in many cases. I am just suggesting that this field is a way of pointing out that there were legit releases for some titles for the US market. In no way am I suggesting listing the US item, just saying that entering this data into that feild is a way of pointing out that there were other (non Japanese) releases of some items.

One reasoning behind this is that newcomers may not know of the likes of CDJapan, & they were like myself at the time got into soundtracks & first found and bought CDs from Amazon (US), the US releases are the first ones listed for many titles.
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