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Siona (Il y a 7 jours) #29394261agcpictures (Il y a 7 jours) #29393291Took me forever to find this thread since I had cleared out my notifications and searching for it under Clubs (in v4) yields no results. :/ Searching "suggestions" in the previous version yields results for all clubs (including ones I'm not subscribed to) but at least it yields results.

Anyway, clicking on Detailed List for my collection in v4 doesn't give me a detailed list, only the thumbnail and name linked to the item (eg, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - Tsuruya-san - 1/8 - ). No "Since", "Num", etc., like in the previous version.

Would like both to be remedied please.

Is it this view you are looking for ? (mfc link)
Don't remember it was available via the detailed list in the old version.

Interesting; you have to go through Manager > My collection to get there in v4. Note that after you click on Manager, it reverts to v3.0.

In v3.0 if you mouse over your username next to the "Search" box, a list appears. When you click on "My collection" you will see your collection. Next to the "Sort" options, you will see that "Grid" is the default option in the last dropdown box. Click on the down arrow and select "Detailed list" from the dropdown box. Note that there are column headers in this view vs. yours, which has no column headers.

In v4.0 if you follow the same general process (click on "My collection" and apply the "Detailed list" filter), the only column you get is "Name".
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