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piratepapillonI`m pretty sure this may have been suggested in the past but will the doujin category ever be expanded? It could be interesting to have a whole section for Doujin in the same way we have 'Goods' and 'Media'. I know a lot of people were distressed when the Phantasm Screen plush (which are very popular) got pulled down so there's definetely a want for doujin goods to be included. The site has now expanded to include videogames but because of the rules concerning doujin material I'm not sure if the Touhou Project games could be added to the database despite the fact we have hundreds of figures from that series. I think a lot of people would be really happy if doujin works (with license of course) could be added.

I'm not against the principle to have doujin games, doujin CDs and doujin goods in our database but I'll need more feedbacks on this one to make a decision. Also, if it's accepted it'd only be after we'd had discussed and clearly defined what could be added and what couldn't.
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