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* On the new search page, "Entry (OR)" and "Entry (AND)" both seem to work like "Entry (AND)", so far as I could tell. For eg, if I do (mfc link), I get the list of covers I've added, whereas I would actually expect to get a superset of all daki covers and all items added by me. I would expect the "Entry (AND)" to give the intersection, ie list of covers I've added
Edit: Hmmm, I think I misunderstood that -- the AND/OR applies only to the entries added to the search, every other condition is always an AND. We basically get (OR1 or OR2 or OR3 ...) & (AND1 & AND2 & AND3), looks like, ie union of all my ORs intersected with each of my ANDs.
The reported hit count seems to get confused by the OR, though -- for eg, (mfc link) says there are 221 hits, when there are actually only 113 -- what is happening in that one part of the OR gives 108 hits, the other part gives 113 hits, which fully contain the previous 108 hits, so the actual reported count should have been 113, but it reports 113 + 108 = 221.
* When filtering by Version, if the item has multiple comma-separated versions, only the first one is triggering a hit. For eg, the following 3 searches: (mfc link), (mfc link) and (mfc link) should all have given me item #607036, but only the first one does. Similarly, (mfc link) should include item #331034 but it doesn't
* When choosing the new search condition to add, the list in the drop down is not alphabetically sorted, so it is hard to find the option you want to search by (for eg, Added by is right at the bottom though alphabetically it should be first). Non-alphabetical ordering feels OK when we had separate entry fields, but it feels clunky when in a drop down
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