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There is a very basic problem with the v4 search when it comes to searching by entries with short names. Let's say I want to find all items by Pan ((mfc link)). If I set the search field to "Entry (AND") and type in Pan, it gives me 10 drop down options (the most popular, I guess), none of which are the Pan I want.

Now, if I just press enter, what I get is all the objects in the DB (goods in this case): (mfc link)

It looks like that "andEntries[]=pan" is doing nothing.

What I have to do is go to Pan's entry page, get her entry ID (30508) and punch that in, so: (mfc link)

And that gets me what I need.

This makes it super-painful when trying to find if something has already been added.

Edit: A work-around has been implemented by which exact matches are bubbled to the top. While it doesn't handle the root issue (that "andEntries[]=pan" is doing nothing), it certainly fixes the problem with short entry names.
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