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Il y a 1 mois
SkyBlue (Il y a 2 mois) #27044264kumasanmk (Il y a 2 mois) #27021762Source might be required if you are changing the description.Hmm weird pretty sure I did include the source but seems like it's fixed and I've managed to update them now. Also thanks for fixing the search bar and the strict tick button. Thank you!
I'm facing this problem now as well -- trying to add the catalog cover image for (mfc link). Everything is already filled out and OK (I added the entry myself 4 months ago), the only change I need to make is the icon, but I'm getting the "Please fill all the required fields" error box.
Edit: fixed for this entry, not sure if there is any general fix required.
MàJ Il y a 1 mois #27509314

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