Let's Make It Happen!!Let's Make It Happen!!Make your voices heard and let's get some figures made! ^o^

When are we going to get some Monster Musume Nendoroids?
A Real Action Heroes Bayonetta would kick so much ass!!
Who do I have to kills to get some more male characters with nipples!?

There are all kinds of figures we have been wanting, but somehow never got made. And that is what this club is for!

This club is dedicated to one purpose. To gather information on what the MFC community is wanting companies to make for their collections.

We will do this be researching comments on item pages, making polls and forums where specific types of figures can be discussed and voted on, and then take all the data we find and submit it to companies.

I hope you all will join us in this endeavor. Please remember to submit requests to companies directly on their websites and social media pages along with telling us what you want. That is their primary method of determining what products to produce.

Also feel free to mention figures, companies and franchises not of Japanese origin if you wish. This club's activities are not limited to Japanese franchises and companies. :3

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1Il y a 14 joursMalo1234Malo1234
We really need some dragon maid figures and new game
1Il y a 20 joursMikegamer0608Mikegamer0608
Inuyasha Nendoroids would be amazing, I don't know if you guys would be interested?
0Il y a 1 mois (Il y a 1 mois)ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
TylerS (Il y a 1 mois) #21937213There is a petition going on at Change.org for Monster Musume figures and has gathered 1000 signatures within 6 days
[ext link ]

Ooooo! That that sounds worth taking a lookie at. Thank you for sharing this. :D
1Il y a 1 moisTylerSTylerS
There is a petition going on at Change.org for Monster Musume figures and has gathered 1000 signatures within 6 days

[ext link ]
1Il y a 1 mois (Il y a 1 mois)SkellingtonSkellington
With the re release of ryuko matoi senketsu ver I'd also welcome a satsuki re release :) oh and if they made mako and nonon yazukure scales that would be epic aswell

With megahobby over I have some thoughts about Megahouse's line up while the new naruto scales are awesome (still hoping for re releases of itachi and sasuke as mine got lost in the mail -_- and are now so expensive ),but why are there no new Portrait of Pirates figures of new(er) characters? It's just the fan favorites again: luffy, law, ace. Finally seeing as there's a new code geass figure it would be awesome to see re releases of Kallen, CC and villeta nu (but those are alpha x omega but if I recall correctly it has something to do with Megahouse).

Then we have kotobukiya and they have some good stuff: ais, sagiri, yamada elf. In the future I'd also like to see muramasa senju and some more danmachi figures

Last but not least I'd love to see some hero academia and re creators scales

Ps: could you guys send this to the companies as I'm having uni exams starting next week and time will be very short..
1Il y a 2 moisalazif03alazif03

This is my 1st post here.
I'm a huge fan of Tony Taka and Len Kagamine item #149558 aside, there's no T2 boy. I mean I love both male and female characters' designs he makes. In Shining games, the main character's always a boy. I'd like so much to see Rick, Yuma or Levin join the Altair's classification. Alter is interested in Tales of boys so why not Shining ones too? Or maybe Orange Rouge?

Am I the only one longing for T2/Shining boys' figures?
2Il y a 2 moisSkellingtonSkellington
Malo1234 (Il y a 2 mois) #20893164Miss kobayashi's dragon maid nendoroids or any sort of figure that is not a garage kit T.T

I agree that show needs some figures urgently, allthough I prefer scales
3Il y a 2 moisMalo1234Malo1234
Miss kobayashi's dragon maid nendoroids or any sort of figure that is not a garage kit T.T
1Il y a 2 moissangwhoopssangwhoops
I'd sell my future children for some Magi figures (':
2Il y a 2 moisSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
ChocolateSpider (Il y a 2 mois) #20457892With the Kill la Kill Nendoroids getting rereleased, Anything is truly possible now. :D
The fact that those nendoroid playsets got a re-release after 1000years and tons of crying fans begging has convinced me that anything can get re-released lol.

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Let's Make It Happen!!


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