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0Il y a 2 ansCienFleursCienFleurs
Luffy is my favourite Character of all time♥♥♥
But his most figures are not very nice sculpted in my opinion.
0Il y a 5 ansangelbottangelbott
Thanks for the invite :)
0Il y a 5 anstobikiri-dreamertobikiri-dreamer
Thank you~ for the invitation! :)
0Il y a 5 anstorinokobombtorinokobomb
>sees invitation

0Il y a 5 ansRoronoaDevKunRoronoaDevKun
Eehh thanks for the invitation !
0Il y a 5 ansfan-chanfan-chan
Ooo!! Thanks for the invite~ ^^ Go Luffy!
0Il y a 5 ansNachtjagerNachtjager
thank 4 invitation ;D
0Il y a 5 ansmangakingmangaking
thank for the invitation!!!!! Now where's the meat!?!
0Il y a 5 ansAkaneAkane
Yay! Luffy club! ^__^
Thanks for the invitation!))
0Il y a 5 ansNai-buNai-bu
Hi ^^

Thank you for the invitation :)

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