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kwanyeung20 (Il y a 3 mois) #25226920thanks for your detailed review here!
My Japanese is about N2 level and did an internship in Japan so I have written business japanese email before. Theoretically it "should not" be a problem, but it is still very discouraging as my Japanese is nowhere close to perfect. And actually I am just happen to be a fudanshi so your another comment on BL stuff that those fujoshi refused to sell BL stuff to man is also very discouraging. I hope that's not the majority of the sellers out there, but based on your experience I will refrain from using otamart unless I really have to. I mean come on, fujoshi is always complaining that traditional male otaku only likes moe stuff, but now they are judging men who like BL that's just ridiculous

Personally I would say that it depends VERY much on the seller. I am barely N5 and my comments are always along the ''こんにちは初めまして。このアイテムを買いたいです。可能ですか?私はプロフィールを読んだ。考慮してくださいよろしくお願いします。'' aka everything but fluent. I've had people immediately create a page for me and I've had people straight out ignore me (While creating pages for other people) Also sellers that suddenly bring up requirements to buy a certain item, that aren't listed in the original sales post. Along the lines of 'I prioritize people that buy more items' on sales posts that haven't had a reply in 3 months. So it can be EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEMLY hit or miss depending on the seller.

It might be interesting to start creating a list of anti-gaijin sellers to avoid? So at least MFC users know who to avoid?

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