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They'll keep it. I've wrote them when I noticed, the first 1-2 times they refunded and then they didn't reply anymore. Like nendos they ship for 480-580¥ with sal, but you always pay 680¥.

But since I'm from europe and it doesn't get caught by customs I just suck it up. The alternative, Nippon yasan, is worse, they charge 1080¥ for shippping one nendo.

Thanks for your quick reply. :) Guess I'll just have to treat the extra shipping costs then as part of the figure cost (though it is an increase of around 1400 JPY, since I guess the actual shipping cost will be close to 3600 JPY or sth). I think I won't ask them to lower the value (although if they do it at their own accord, they may, as long as I will be fully insured if sth goes wrong with shipping). :-) I am actually still a bit hesitant because if customs find out you declared a too low value, you're in trouble and might end up having to pay a lot more. But still, even with all customs costs and VAT, this figure is cheaper than in European stores (which is mostly not the case actually). I have read too many negative stories about Nippon Yasan, won't go to them. :P

them to undervalue to an amount that you think would be reasonable but cheaper for customs duties.

In my experience, Big in Japan does a little what they want themselves. I asked for X amount in yen from them and they just never get the amount asked right.

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