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Korhyuji (Il y a 20 jours) #28914733Vodkanroll (Il y a 20 jours) #28913734Hi guys!

This is my very first time using Big in Japan services. Irequested a shopping qoute to buy at Suruga-ya through their proxy service.

Do you know how long will they take to answer me and send me the first invoice / shopping quote?

Best regards!

I think 1 or 2 working days but if you have a paypal account and want to save money, it's not the good deal.
Indeed Surugaya accepts Paypal and forwarding service is cheaper in the case of Surugaya's orders (only 500JPY / 1000 JPY with repack option against 500JPY + 10-15% commission).
Yeah you have to make your order yourself but it's very efficient because you don't risk to get sold out items between your request and the order placement.
After it's just an advice, you're free to proceed as you like :)

Thank you for answer!

The item I am interested on is NSFW. Does Suruga-ya accept Paypal for those items?

Best regards!

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