Figures in B&WFigures in B&WLow-key, high-key, silhouette, shadow and B&W photography


We update our MFC database with lots of pictures every day. Most of them are simple shots from users and companies which show figures just as they are, but among them we can find really beautiful photos which are showing another side of figures, full of beauty, dynamics, tenderness, melancholy, etc.
This club's name is "Figures in B&W", but it's not meant only for black&white shots. You can add all photos in which shadow (black) and light (white) are helping to create original atmosphere of photo.
There are some obvious kinds of photography in which lights and shadows are playing main role. Among them are high-key, low-key, shadow, silhouette and black&white photography.
In this club we are trying to create a picture database full of great photos from MFC users. Some of these photos become very popular but there are pictures (still really good) that get lost among tons of MFC pictures. We want to find them and we want to show them to you.


If you want to see some great, beautiful photos just check our gallery.

You've taken a photo and you think it will fit in our gallery?
Just share it in comments below

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0Il y a 1 an (Il y a 1 an)ZestormZestorm
0Il y a 2 ansshiro169shiro169
picture #1292678
My black and white pictures
0Il y a 2 ansfishcakefishcake
I've been doing a little bit more work in B&W lately:

picture #1265772
picture #1248766
picture #1258066

hope y'all like them :3
0Il y a 2 ansCyouwaCyouwa
Thanks for adding my koko picture :D
0Il y a 3 ansZestormZestorm
Mara Jane in B&W
0Il y a 3 ansJiiJii
thanks for adding my Gradriel >w<
0Il y a 4 anslunachelunache
thank you very much for adding my photo of Aegis ^__^
0Il y a 4 ansHisanagiHisanagi
Hello I did some photos from Elsa and Nana and I hope you like it and maybe you add one of them in your gallery.
picture #890289
picture #890290
picture #890292
picture #889624
picture #889622
0Il y a 4 ansBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
I really like B&W pictures, thank you for linking them :)
0Il y a 4 ansYomi-KurisuYomi-Kurisu
Thank you for adding my Dead Master Picture!^^

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Figures in B&W


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