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This club is dedicated to all Marvel Universe (comics, movies, games) fans =)

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0Il y a 3 ansTurtle_TurtleTurtle_Turtle
Not really figure related, but OMG I'm so excited: [ext link ]
0Il y a 4 ans (Il y a 4 ans)piratestylepiratestyle
Anyone else read Age of Ultron yet? I give it an overall rating of 7 out of 10.

View spoilerHide spoilerIt wasn't really amazing and kinda veered off course from the subject of Ultron himself. Like the threat of Ultron was so great that he wasn't even a threat anymore because they had to alter the timeways which caused a butterfly effect making him non-existent and then like eventually the timeways just broke...from the problem of trying to outsmart Ultron. The variant covers featuring Ultron evolving we never got to see any of it and Ultron himself was not even really involved because he was attacking them from the future and the squad deployed to the future became non-existent when Sue and Wolverine changed the timeline so they never even really 'beat' Ultron and for that matter they only meet him twice and both at the same event when he was awakened accidentally by Intelligencia. Also the fact that this event occurred in earth 616 the main continuity but then became an alternate reality so then what happens to this time going forward and what happens to earth 616 if it was prevented? I'm confused, might have to give it a second read through to better grasp it.

Not to mention wtf was that Angela from Heaven bit at #10? So now heaven is legit in Marvel too? They already have mythical realms and gods IE Odin, Zeus among others; who then would be god of this Heaven? Is he almighty above even that thing from chaos war? I might just be lost because I didn't read the lead ins to Ultron or the aftermath yet.

Word on the street is Avengers 2 movie is going to be Age of Ultron; their own version of his origin and without Hank Pym from the sounds of it. Not sure how I feel about this yet. I would have preferred World War Hulk or Civil War but I guess those stories would take notable characters out of the equation for the third movie.
1Il y a 4 ansZee_Van_OnlyZee_Van_Only
Wish they made more Marvel scale figures, not bishoujo ._.
0Il y a 4 ansLexiyLexiy The WCF Aficionado
3 items? LOL
0Il y a 4 ansRaithosRaithos Stagnant

[ext link ]
0Il y a 5 ansMona_samaMona_sama
Thank you for the invitation, Lunarjasmin! ^o^
I looooo~ve Marvel. ^-^
Totally agree with mintbunny. Marvel heroes are much more interesting.
Still waiting for my mutation to kick in. XD
0Il y a 5 ansmintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I'm much more of a Marvel fan. The heroes are so much more interesting!
0Il y a 5 ansMama_NanaMama_Nana
Thanks for the invite! :D
0Il y a 5 ansKuugaKuuga
Finally...I found a club about marvel universe
0Il y a 5 ansMarcusEclipseMarcusEclipse
Best company ever! (:

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