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0Il y a 15 joursPenaguinnePenaguinne
I'd like to trade my Touken Ranbu nendoroids: Kogitsunemaru, Mikazuki, Ookurikira, Shokudaikiri and Heshikiri. Mikazukis sword hilt came broken but was fixed with glue, and the rest of the figures are in good condition. I'd like to trade them all for some 1/8 scale bishounen figures(See wishlist for ideas ;D) PM if you're interested! Thanks!
0Il y a 3 moisholicholic
Selling EVERYTHING in my collection!!!!

80% of market value + shipping!

Message me!
0Il y a 5 moisSengokuGensuiSengokuGensui
OK, since there was no reply to my question, I will just put this here: (mfc link)
Selling a bunch of One Piece trading figures (two sets of Bandai half age characters to be precise).
Please feel free to PM for pics and info, also shipping here is cheap!

Cheers ^^
0Il y a 6 moisSengokuGensuiSengokuGensui

Quick question - does the club rules allow for selling of trading figures?
0Il y a 8 moisTheNekoKingTheNekoKing
Looking to trade my 1/8 mayoi gsc for the nadeko 1/8 gsc. Used like new in box. Preferably canadian trade but open to international. Pm if interested thanks.
0Il y a 1 an (Il y a 9 mois)okami34okami34
See my repost! :D
0Il y a 1 an (Il y a 1 an)KokoLuvKokoLuv

Looking to buy or trade for a "Show by Rock!" Cyan Hijirikawa shikishi (or any goods from C90 and stuff)! I can pay cash through PayPal or I can trade some of my own stuff. Ask if you want to know which shikishi I have.

I also have a fair # of Prisma Illya stuff like the Petite Prisma Nendo (unopened) and the FSN ones, 2x signed Weiss Schwarz Kaleidoscope Illya's, Phat Company Prisma Illya Figure (Unopened), Bushiroad Card Storage box for Zwei (unopened), etc.. Also have the Prisma and HA Dollfies, but those are pretty pricey and hard to get a hold of, so I'd be hesitant to trade those out.

Would be happy to trade some of these out if you have complete shikishi sets, some of the C90 exclusive SBR stuff, or generally fairly rare SBR stuff :x

PM me please if you're interested and thanks!

I live in the U.S.A by the way.
0Il y a 1 anaronkenyon95aronkenyon95
Open to trade or sale or any of these figures here:

(mfc link)
0Il y a 1 anMartinKagamineMartinKagamine
Hello ^-^

Looking to trade my:

~Little Busters! - Kamikita Komari - 1/6 - Limited Color Ver. (Boxed)

PM me if your interested (From the UK)
0Il y a 1 anSuperAlpacaSuperAlpaca
Any traders in Australia?
If so pm me your trade list's please :D
0Il y a 1 anActAct
Looking to trade my NIB Harvest Miku nendo for another Nendoroid or something else of similar value from Fate/SN, Atelier, or Cardcaptor Sakura series. Doesn't have to be those, though, I'll look at any offer.
0Il y a 1 anmemzymemzy
just wondering is anyone trading any fate figures ? i have a few wall scrolls figures plushes and decently hard to find older video games and anime dvds
0Il y a 1 anmemzymemzy
iTheShirt (Il y a 2 ans) #5069579Is anyone willing to trade video games? Looking for some throwbacks on the PS2. :]
i have a lot if your looking just pm me some of the titles your looking for ^_^
0Il y a 2 ansiTheShirtiTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
Is anyone willing to trade video games? Looking for some throwbacks on the PS2. :]
0Il y a 2 ansexplosiv3explosiv3
these are the figures I am willing to trade:

Hirasawa Yui- item #59796
Otonashi Kotori- item #3331
Nijihara ink- item #28148
Ranka Lee- item #88457
Kuroi Nanako- item #2300
Inazuma- item #197942
Tamura Hiyori- item #2794
Rei Ayanami- item #19925

non-figure anime related items:

Racing Miku muffler towel- [ext link ]
Lovelive playmat- [ext link ]
Angela Balzac & Dingo key chain set- [ext link ]
Fate stay night playmat- [ext link ]
Girls and panzer badge (one pack random)- [ext link ]
Ghost in the shell key strap (one random pack)- [ext link ]
Sheryl Nome- item #88463
Kotobuki Tsumugi- item #100941
Aoshi Shinomori gashapon key strap- item #219407
Shishio Makoto gashapon key strap- item #219403
Terra Formars clear file- item #337925
Asahina yuuki can badge- item #283323
sangaku manami can badge- [ext link ]
kamisama hajimemashita mizuki strap- item #299043
Uta no prince-sama box- [ext link ] and [ext link ]

As for the things I am willing to trade for:
-Anything Kagamine Len
-Cute boy/shota characters

*I will add more stuff next time* I will try to make the selection bigger so that it will be more convenient to trade.
*I'd prefer trading by bulk. you can choose many items to trade for one item.
0Il y a 2 ansPurple_MidknightPurple_Midknight
HEY! So the UK isn't the best to buy figure as over here they cost so much but i have some figures for sale or trade so pm me for details!
I have prize figures from...
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Infinite Stratos
the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
Squid girl
annddd Homura from Madoka magica
0Il y a 4 ansshigeru212shigeru212
I am looking to trade my 1/8 Jubei Yagyu white swimsuit alter.

It is not opened and in new condition, although the box might be a little damaged. Also the figure is ordered and shipped but I don't have it yet. However, I figured there is no harm in fielding offers now.

If anybody has any 1/7 or 1/8 bishoujo figures, preferably undamaged or sealed, they are willing to trade, then please pm me. Of course, my wishlist is up to date and accurate, although I would prefer a non swimsuit figure, even though I will certainly consider all offers.

By the way, if anybody has the Bakemonogatari figures: Shinobu (Goodsmile) or Black Hanekawa (Alter), or the new Tenshi (Goodsmile), those are probably the three figures I want the most now.
0Il y a 4 ansFindFind
Hey guys! I was wondering, do any of you have a Dead Master Figma? :)

I've always wanted one, and my birthday is coming up so I will have money to buy figures! :D

If you have one thats in sealed to new condition, PM me :) Thank you :D

Much appreciated! ^u^

0Il y a 5 ansChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
also the ryougi shiki , I hope someone could trade my pre-order from biginjap for another pre-order in december (prefer velvet)
but anything is fine I just dont want her and I got too many orders in november ..
0Il y a 5 ans (Il y a 5 ans)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
anyone that is interested to trade something for these (mfc link) or (mfc link)

I'd like to trade for my most wanted (another list -> (mfc link)) or any louise in this list (mfc link)

also perhaps (mfc link)

so lots of lists to choose from ( my wishlist is those I get someday somewhere so not high priority figs for me )
also native figures are more than welcome~~

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