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0Il y a 7 ansrichgrohl27richgrohl27
Guys just would like to ask how i can link my figure photos to our group?
0Il y a 7 ansPinkFoxxPinkFoxx Ohara's Flower
Hai guys! Was on APforums a long time ago... maybe a year. Probably don't remember me tho XD
Nice to see so many collectors! :D
0Il y a 7 ansKanouteKanoute
I'm just looking the Op's 598 ... Wonderfull Nami (so beautifull) and Sanji kun seems like a Men ... i hope there'll be new PoP ^_^
0Il y a 7 ansSephironaSephirona
Oh, I didn't realize we had so many APforums collectors when I made this group, LOL.

Hi gaiz<3
0Il y a 7 ansSnow-Snow-
Wonderful. There's even a club. Thanks ReDDragon for the link. This is sweet. Hello everyone!
0Il y a 7 anstrc4evatrc4eva
ooooo an apforum club. niceeee
0Il y a 7 ansflyingteapotflyingteapot
So many members wow <3
0Il y a 7 ansOneManCollectionOneManCollection
53 already xD
0Il y a 7 ansRyokofanboyRyokofanboy
OrangeNinjasSucks from AP forums
0Il y a 7 ansKimberKimber
this is kimber from the AP forums :)
0Il y a 7 ansTrashCatTrashCat
woooo~ 40 members already! ^^ awesome! welcome to all the new members!
0Il y a 7 ansReddragonReddragon
Weeeeee more and more members. Allthough it looks like most of us here (including me) are only posting on Arlongpark =p
0Il y a 7 ansEmosanEmosan
So we have a club here? haha~
0Il y a 7 ansNiaNia
I didn't know we had a club ... LOL
0Il y a 7 ansflyingteapotflyingteapot
LOL I sure hope so. Welcome everyone, it's great to see you all here <3
0Il y a 7 ansOneManCollectionOneManCollection
Woow 33 Members guys pretty neat xD. Are they all from AP xD>?
0Il y a 7 ansDervishDervish
Hey guys! This is Dervish from AP. I didn't know there was a AP club here until TrashCat told me, so I decided to join. Nice to meet you all (again!) :D
0Il y a 7 ansJejuneJejune
This site is super cute and dorky. :p I have way too much OP stuff compared to other series'. Hi AP people and those few I don't recognise~ ^^"
0Il y a 7 ansAreiArei Der Cactuar Fuhrer
The thread is even hardly about merchandise period now XDDDD Ahhh I love chatting it's hard to stop XDDD

I don't think there is a non-OP collectibles thread. Might not be a bad idea~ Though we go so off topic in the collectibles thread already.. it probably doesn't matter too much LOL XD
0Il y a 7 ansflyingteapotflyingteapot
There was a plan about having monthly newsletters on figure news from the AP thread - I was even supposed to be the one doing that but real life gets in the way more than I hoped hehehe... it's still on my mind though.

And the thread is half non-OP by now :D Not that I'm complaining, I collect other mech also lol. Wish we had a non-OP collectibles thread. Or do we? (<_<)(>_>)

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