0Il y a 7 anskabatkabat
o_O Very nice news!
0Il y a 7 ans (Il y a 7 ans)XillXill
15 Second promo for the new anime!: [ext link ]

edit: Another promo! (featuring Zodd): [ext link ]
0Il y a 7 ansReinierReinier
The New Berserk Anime Project has been confirmed!

[ext link ]
0Il y a 7 ans (Il y a 7 ans)XillXill
0Il y a 7 ansReflect_EternalReflect_Eternal
Love Berserk. Best manga I've ever read.
0Il y a 7 ansVerseau12Verseau12
Thanks for the invitation!
0Il y a 7 ans (Il y a 7 ans)XillXill
Wow, you got that limited to 500 pieces 2005 release 3 weeks ago? Nice job! Where'd you find it?
0Il y a 7 anselsantoselsantos
Thanks for the invite just got my 1st Berserk statue 3 weeks ago.
0Il y a 7 anskabatkabat
Thanks for the invitation!
Awesome club!
0Il y a 7 ansmginsbromginsbro
hail from falconia ! ^^
0Il y a 7 ans (Il y a 7 ans)rowynrowyn
thx for the invite. i also love berserk as well, and been reading the manga since i finished the anime many yrs ago. such a great story, and great characters. the Art of War figures look incredible, although i've yet to get one. someday, someday ..
0Il y a 7 ans (Il y a 7 ans)ReddragonReddragon
Thanks for the invitation indeed. Berserk my favorite manga serie *_* so offcourse i join.
Dont look that much at new clubs that are added so i would have totally miss it without the invitation.
0Il y a 7 ansfolkenfolken

Thanks fof the invitation.
Berserk is truly a masterpiece, but it's a shame that the anime doesn't stand the same quality as the paper version... But still good anyway..

Glad to see such a group was created here =)
0Il y a 7 ansKinoshintaKinoshinta
Howdy y'all! Good to see that I'm not the only Berserk fan around these parts lol. Just introducing myself and I look forward to talking to you all!
0Il y a 7 ans (Il y a 7 ans)XillXill
Welcome ArkhaN,

That's an awesome figure you ordered! I know because I have the same one ;-)
0Il y a 7 ansArkhaNArkhaN
Hi all !
Im forced to join this group, this is the best series in the world :x
I order my first figure this afternoon. So excited to have it !!!
0Il y a 7 ansPorcelainePrissPorcelainePriss
My all time favourite series ^_________________^
0Il y a 7 ansSaRuSaRu image not found
HELL YEAH!! BERSERK!!!! <3 x 100000000000
0Il y a 7 ansXillXill
Welcome to the berserk fanclub!

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