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À Propos


Sing along: View spoilerHide spoilerkono hiroi sekai, sora wa aoku, bokura nante chippoke de

demo chippoke na bokura no

chiisa na kono te wo tsunaide ashita he…

ikite iru soredake de

It’s a beautiful life


This wide world, blue skies, we are just tiny

Though we are tiny, it is enough if we link our small hands and keep moving towards tomorrow

It’s a beautiful life

Source: [ext link ]

Best Mamoru Miyano moment Q_Q

♥ Tokiya & Mamo-chan♥
Love that. :3

More hip dance.
Rin is one of my most loved Mamo characters.

I love Skip Beat! Favorite Shojo Manga forever.

I love One Piece. Its just such a MASTERPIECE in so much ways. ^_^

My favorite doujin: [ext link ]

No. 1 * ~ Ace ~ *

He's my Baby. ♥♥♥

No.2 Luffy + Boa.!Boa_Hancock_Anime_Infobox.png


Contains Brothers spoiler!!!

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Now i can't decide anymore. XD

No.? Zoro + Bartolomeo + Corazon and Law. ^_^

Boku no Hero Academia ♥♥♥TodoDeku my precious Cinnamon Rolls ♥♥♥

Kuroko no Basket ♥♥♥ Kuroko
+ Kagami + Aomine ♥♥♥

Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi x Eren

Haikyuu - KageHina (My favorite ship) ♥♥♥ Noya and Tanaka :D

Dramatical Murder

My first BL Game and it was just so awesome. *_*

Number One: Clear x Aoba
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View spoilerHide spoilerI was like, whaaaaaaaat??? I expected some ugly face. But he is so cute. *_*

Aoba x Noiz
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Uta no Prince-sama

I have still hope that someone will translate the games, or atleast that it will be published in english. ^_^


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