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Hello fellow collectors! ☕

I got started into this collecting hobby just about a year before I joined MFC. In a year, the collection has grown quite huge. I bought almost any figure that I liked on sale, pre-order, and even hunting it down over the www. I made quite a lot of impulse orders. I'm thinking of setting some limitations. Hmm... Where should I start?

I'm starting to let go some of my figures, and selling them. Downsizing my collection. I've minimized my future pre-orders to most wanted or favorites only. MFC is helping quite a lot. There are so many that I want. That's a start.

If you are interest in buying some of my figures, especially the extra copies, check out my small online shop on Amazon. Later I may consider selling some on eBay and/or MFC. PM me, if there is something that interest you from my collection. Here is a list of items I'm willing to sell, (mfc link).

I've adore so many of those beautiful Dollfie Dream photos. Early October 2013, I've bought my first Dollfie Dream, Saber Alter item #83799, from findra. Late March 2014, I won a chance to get my second Dollfie Dream (first DD Sister), Youmu item #179276, from the HTD Kyoto 10 After Event lottery. I won a chance to get my third Dollfie Dream Saber EXTRA item #80469 from the Volks USA's "Holiday Greeting Event" lottery in December 2014. Early February 2015, I got my fourth Dollfie Dream, Miku item #172745. In mid-April 2015, the cute IM@S CG Uzuki item #270164 joined as the fifth girl in my Dollfie Dream family. Early July 2015, the passionate IM@S CG Mio item #270163 joined her friend Uzuki as my sixth Dollfie Dream. Sept. 11, 2015, the elf from Shining Resonance, Kirika item #323505, joined my Dollfie Dream family as the seventh. She'll be my lucky elf. Late March 2016, Rin item #368655 joins my Dollfie Dream family.

I'm excite for the new vinyl BJD "Smart Doll" by Culture Japan. Plus they are gonna make a male version too. Would love to see the outcome of their Automatic Version. Decided not to get a Smart Doll and stick with my Dollfie Dream that I own for now.

Lately I've been sway toward collecting NA themed figure/statues. Kind of bring back the childhood memories of reading DC & Marvel comic books.

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0Il y a 5 ansMatrawMatraw
Hello !
Welcome to you :)
0Il y a 5 ansOyamatsumiOyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC
0Il y a 5 ansTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board NyteXero! :)

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