Il y a 24 minutesKiz-xoKiz-xo
How is it, they do a terrible YOI one, and it goes up for pre order the day after painting, but they do a beautiful one like this and theres no pre order date?!
Il y a 26 minutesKiz-xoKiz-xo
ashtonlee (Il y a 4 jours) #20177509I really hope they continue this line and make more characters like gaara, madara and sakura and a kyuubi naruto.
Same! I'd kill for a Gaara and Sakura!
Il y a 29 minutesburcuburcu
Did they really not paint the tiny Russian flag that's supposed to be on his skates?
Il y a 31 minutesMiauMiau
Oooh, congrats! You're right, you should try since it can be the last oportunity and maybe if your bosses are supportive, they maybe can readmit you in the future when you come back again?

As for the colletion/stuff around, if you want to get rid of things, i'd try the Konmari method and for the stuff you don't want (like the furniture, clothes, misc...) you can try to make a garage sale (i think it's super common in usa, idk about the rest of the world tho xD) to sell stuff fast
You can always give pamflets or put an ad in a local newspaper for awareness in your city (?)

Hope it helps a little!
Il y a 35 minutesKiz-xoKiz-xo
we waited 5 months for this?!
I'm not impressed by the paint job, and i was hoping they'd go with the outfit from the photo on here, but they didn't. in my opinion it looks cheap and rushed.
Il y a 36 minutesmurialitamurialita
Wow, wasn't expecting her to get a re-release! I like mine, so it's nice to see others get the chance to own her again.
Il y a 36 minutesLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
Lol exclusive okay then. Another figure I won't be buying from Megahouse I suppose.
Il y a 37 minutesKiz-xoKiz-xo
This is beautiful :o
Il y a 38 minutesYlliasvielYlliasviel
So in the end he came exclusive...Let's see the price,but I don't like the painting though,it looks so plain and so cheap somehow...I don't know how can I put it but I don't like the painting work,although the sculpt is beautiful >_<
I'll wait for the price but I think sandly I'm gonna pass,I don't trust Megahouse quality so much lately, so let's see if a better quialty company made a proper Vitya (Alter,that goes for you!! *^* )
Il y a 42 minutesZarathustraZarathustra
Can we get bunnies of cryska and inia now please? Only then can I pass from this world in peace.
Il y a 42 minutesrumichuurumichuu
like the face but not a fan of the black sheen... ill wait for koto/gsc/alter.
Il y a 46 minutessilentwinter91silentwinter91
Wow mamegyorai/gecco's first 1/3 scale foray into the market. This should be really interesting.
Il y a 53 minutes (Il y a 42 minutes)mcryseriamcryseria
Cloud409 (Il y a 5 heures) #20424903Honestly, I was like, "here comes the boring student council president," before I played P5. But after playing it I saw that there's more to her than I thought. She likes action movies, she's very fashionable, she's very considerate of others, and her bad ass palace clothes/persona show she has a wild side to her. But as you said, to each their own.

Well you can just wait for a Makoto figure, if ever one comes out, no real point on hating on a figure because you prefer a different one. Or you think the character in the game doesn't jive with your opinions or taste. In the mean time just let us Ann fans here enjoy the hype over the eventual release of this figure.

Edit: item #520674 here's Makoto's bike persona, you might want to keep track of that instead of this one, because I think you clearly have no intention of owning this one.
Il y a 55 minutesLienLien
Maybe they will announce a matching Yuri with the Yuri on stage event
I hope they do because otherwise I don't really see a reason to get him :l
Il y a 56 minuteshadalisiihadalisii
I'm happy that Victor is finally getting his first Scale...but the outfit is waaay to plain for i rather pass on this one and hope we can get more from other companies!
Il y a 56 minutes-oresama--oresama-
Das glaub ich gern, ich bin grade erst umgezogen und vieles sieht noch sehr unfertig aus :/ Vor allem suche ich noch passende Beleuchtungen für meine shelves. Deine gefällt mir super, aber ich habe halt nur Billys mit Vitrinentüren und keine Detolfs, weiß nicht ob das so passend wirken würde dann.
Da hast du bestimmt recht, aber eindrucksvoller wirkt es natürlich mit vielen :P Ich besitze bisher kaum doujinshi, vor allem weil mein Japanisch total eingerostet ist und ich mittlerweile wohl kaum was lesen könnte. Und kanji waren leider irgendwie noch nie meine Stärke -.- Daher meistens eher Artbooks, doujinshi habe ich nur ein paar die aber auch eher art-lastig sind :P Und mit den paar die ich hab, ginge es wohl leider nicht so gut, da sie alle unterschiedliche Größen haben und teilweise im Querformat sind :O
Ich schau mir dein Angebot auf jeden Fall mal an, allerdings lieber wenn ich zu Hause bin :P

P.S. Und danke für die friend request :D
Il y a 56 minutesrubyserpent_720rubyserpent_720
godofwar7 (Il y a 9 heures) #20419852I give them credit for finally creating a saber that doesnt look like arthur.

If you want more saber class servants there's a lot of variety in FGO [ext link ] (of course "Saber-face" is literally a term applied to a multitude of Artoria clones lol)
Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 58 minutes)wolfgenzwolfgenz
Finally, fully painted photos are revealed! Goes up for preorder tomorrow: [ext link ]
Il y a 1 heuretheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
SureFigures (Il y a 10 jours) #19932546I'll have two as well pretty soon. I ordered a second one since that first one filled up so quickly. A label maker would look better, but for now I'm just using little blank stickers.
Speaking of Misaki Kurehito blowing up, I almost just ordered item #549397. That price is so nice. But she's a little too boring. I do like the hat though.
Do you think that licensing issue with the Sins will apply to the Virtues as well? That would be stupid annoying but seems likely.
I didn't even notice those new light-up bases. Great idea. It would also be great if they sold them separately so people with the originals could update their bases if they wanted. Fat chance there.
Oh! I love that Win-chan! I had my eye out for one of the versions. Both seem to have become pretty rare these days so I'm especially happy to have her. Thank you for passing her on :) Gotta figure out a display for her... BTW, Should I write you glowing feedback for that transaction? If you want, create the sale and let me know.
I'm on break this week and it feels damn good to have some time to myself. I made a little 420 set yesterday, gonna post a photo this year for my favorite holiday lol (I remember you asking about that last year but I was being a bad pothead.)
I see item #182114 in a wishlist of yours. You gonna jump on item #555569 at all?

Previously I used a marker and tape, but it looked messy and wiped off easily if not given enough time to dry. The label maker is a damn boss though.

She's pretty and so is her price, but I've become wary of figures with hats and/or parasols. They look good on paper but in reality they get shadowed by their own props unless you get your lighting right.

No idea, but I'm developing a new concern. The new run of Sins comes with smaller bases, which makes me wonder if the Virtues will come with small bases off the bat or come with pedestals or come with options. I'd like to see the angelic version of the pedestals! The light up bases are ace but they're microUSB powered... should have been batteries IMO. That detail makes me kind of over it.

I've been contemplating it but tbh I still haven't been ordering much. Sales happen in waves so while it isn't as bad as before, I still have some items to move, and I've been adding things bit by bit as other items sell as to not make an overload. We'll see.
I've been indulging in fanmade merch though... keychains and charms take up next to no room. LOL
I'm doing some research on items to make a display for them but... it feels like some of the items I want don't actually exist lol.

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