Il y a 42 minutesSkyBlueSkyBlue
tsukky_ (Il y a 7 jours) #27073747Awesome photo. I'm close to getting all nendoroids from Dramatical Murder. Now I only wait for getting them....I won't have any double nendoroid though XD.Aoba is just too precious for me~ Noiz was the hardest to find for a decent price ;A; Still hoping that GSC will one day complete the DMMd boys especially Ren, Sei, ViTri and Mizuki :'D
Il y a 43 minutesOldspeakOldspeak
Ugh, don't remind me. I already reach space limit on my 100th figure order and till now I'm still ordering, stacking boxes on top of each other with no plans in the future how to ever display the other 100 of my figures.
Il y a 46 minutesLibertoLiberto
Just Brilliant!!!
Il y a 49 minutes (Il y a 42 minutes)trapartrapar
Sawachika Eri- 30$
Tsukamoto Tenma- 30$
Taichi Yagami- 50$
Ishida Yamato- 50$
Hikari Yagami- 45$
Takaishi Takeru- 45$
Regult- 50$
SDF1- 50$
C.C.- 70$
Kouzuki Kallen- 20$
Koujirou Frau- 75$
Nico Robin- 70$
Boa Hancock- 70$
Nami- 70$
Alice- 150$
Yoko- 175$
Luffy- 100$
Saber Lily- 100$
Ranka Lee- 150$
Selvaria- 125$
Il y a 52 minutesXxHaruMakoxXXxHaruMakoxX
Selling Emilia, Rem and Ram new and sealed. Pm me for details :-)
Il y a 55 minutesJellygemJellygem
Put a vote in for Mob Psycho, a Mob nendoroid would be the cutest thing!! If I had another vote i'd say Tokyo Mew Mew. If CCS can get a whole bunch of new stuff maybe TMM can someday too! c:
Il y a 55 minutestsunabelletsunabelle
kacchakoshipper (Il y a 3 heures) #27423255Thanks for the add!! Your collection is to die for CRY

of course! always happy to know more mha collectors.
Il y a 56 minutesEonKittenEonKitten
Came home from work today and to my surprise I found this huge box from Otaku Mode waiting for me! While the shipping box was damaged with a huge intention, like something heavy had been placed on top of it, the figure itself was packed closer to the bottom of the box and had no damage. The window does warp inward slightly on one side, though that looks to be the fault of design ( it's too large of an expanse for the plastic to hold?). Otherwise he looks to be in perfect shape. Had no idea he was even on his way!
Il y a 57 minutesSkyBlueSkyBlue
Il y a 57 minutesunlosing_herounlosing_hero
Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu

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