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Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 1 heure)fonjikunfonjikun
beakko nendo is coming.
Il y a 1 heurechobittsuchobittsu
solluxcaptor (Il y a 5 heures) #29980076So many cute and beautiful figures! I love the young Akko from Little Witch Academia especially and the style of those lolis you put under the spoiler are adorable, I wonder who the artist is?
The circle of the latter is Cobra-Kai and the sculptor is Y Otsu J.
Il y a 1 heureRajkeRajke Ca fanatic
Good review. It is not a figure i will bought but i can clearly see what makes this figure good. The paintjob is well done and childish charm of the figure is well presented. I like the way her hair is painted.
Il y a 1 heuremermaidmermaid
This must've taken forever to set up.
Il y a 1 heureMaidAndTohMaidAndToh
Agree with the previous poster, pretty sure nothing will happen here.
Il y a 1 heurenikos35nikos35
I am selling my preorder for a reasonable offer.
Il y a 1 heureffenrisffenris
Drakhatos (Il y a 9 heures) #29974559Sorry for that.
Well, according to the official post, it's the same one, so that's why I altered them. But up to you and the mods.
[ext link ]

Not sure why you would think that, the tweet and the offical page ([ext link ]) both indicate quite clearly that the shape of the bust has changed:



Il y a 1 heuredebinoresudebinoresu
i have canceled three items with them before. i apologized every time thoroughly and they canceled and asked me to be more careful in the future. ive been a consistent customer for three years and i doubt they will ban a consistent customer over a few cancellations... the option has always been there if you just email them. my guess for this is that too many people, unknowing that they could email request a cancellation, would simply not pay for an item. then they would package it and request payment and be ignored and left with unsold stock. if there is a cancellation button it will at least help them keep track before it's all packaged and ready to go.
Il y a 1 heurenikos35nikos35
I am selling my preorder for a reasonable offer
Il y a 1 heureRajkeRajke Ca fanatic
Can only give my opinium about Plum. I own two figures. One is really nice item #331459, high quality and the other has a major paint flaw in the back of her leg item #320011 . Paintjob is nice. Detailing in the face is one of the stronger points of Plum.
Il y a 1 heureTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board nikos35! :)

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Il y a 1 heureCyberleader2000Cyberleader2000
katsudon (Il y a 3 jours) #29853749If you don't mind, that would be great- thanks! \o/

so he arrived today have to say its a good figure hes fun and feels a little more solid than Ex-aid felt my only complaint is that Shakariki Sports feels a little flimsily but then again that is in its nature.

Il y a 1 heureRajkeRajke Ca fanatic
Nice collection. Quantity doesn't count, Satisfaction and quality are more important. I like how you are also displaying boxes. They look great in your collection.
Il y a 1 heureLoulouLoulou
Salut, sympa tes videos, jolie colec’:)
Il y a 1 heureDFC7DFC7
Got mine today as well, and she is gorgeous just like the other girls in the lineup. Just like some other members have stated, I can't figure out how to get the microphone to sit correctly in her hand.
Il y a 1 heurePatchworkToxinPatchworkToxin Dat Yandere
TomTheCat (Il y a 2 jours) #29900613Can anybody tell me what's "18+" about this figure?

She is from a hentai. But that alone wouldn't be it lol, rather I think she might be cast-off? Her bikini top looks loose-fitting. I won't know until I receive mine, which won't be until January since I have her bundled with other things at AmiAmi.
Il y a 1 heureRajkeRajke Ca fanatic
Good review. I overlooked this figure and i did not expect that this figure in combination with Flandre looks so detailed. The figure on its one is a nice one but both figures are looking better together. Especially the last picture of the two together doesn't trigger the word 'prize figure.'
Il y a 1 heureHiroyoHiroyo
Selling 170 usd shipping included within Canada and USA
Il y a 1 heureGandalfGandalf
So I caved and bought her off Madarake sealed with box damage, and paid the price when customs caught me (why did I think it might slip though during Xmas doh)

She looks great but some ones definitely pulling some shady stuff. While the box had both seals intact and seemingly undamaged she's definitely been opened. No instructions, outer blister tape in the wrong spot and the smaller protective plastic wrappers were all missing.

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